Today’s business world is changing faster than ever before. To adapt with the times and stay competitive, organizations have no choice but to be agile. Agility doesn’t just keep you current, though. It also offers benefits like increased productivity and innovation, cost savings from easier maintenance and upgrades, access to intelligent data analytics, and a more adaptable culture.

With these perks in mind, the Naviant team is constantly developing new strategies and customizable solutions that improve agility. Over the past few years, agility has become more attainable thanks to the increasing prevalence of AI, intelligent automation, and cloud technology.

That last piece, cloud technology, is at the foundation of an agile organization, and that’s why it’s a must-add to your digital transformation to-do list. It’s a massive upgrade from legacy on-premise infrastructure, which requires extensive resources to manage and scale as your business grows, evolves, and rapidly acquires more data to store.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the points below for 5 ways the cloud drives business agility:

5 Ways the Cloud Makes Your Business More Agile

1. Decrease Business Complexity

The more complex your business structure is, the higher your operational costs will be and the harder it will be to be agile. But this complexity is very real for many organizations with multiple overlapping systems that may not even be able to “talk to each other” easily.

Fortunately, the cloud works to reduce your organization’s complexity by simplifying your internal operations through methods like:

  • Improving the delivery of your internal resources
  • Introducing new ways for employees to collaborate and work
  • Enabling faster technology rollouts and updates
  • Enhancing your ability to analyze, share, and act on your business data

When your internal processes are running smoothly without redundant or inefficient steps getting in the way, you’ll be able to implement changes much faster for increased agility.

2. Scale as Needed

It seems like there’s always a new market change or customer demand to respond to. Not to mention the ever-growing data storage needs that need accommodating. That’s why gaining the advanced scalability of a cloud solution that can grow and adapt with you is such a huge win for your business. You can scale up and down with the cloud as your needs change.

That way, you only pay for what you use and need right now, not what you needed a few years ago or what might be helpful in the future. It also makes it easy to act on industry trends and customer requests as they pop up, which won’t be a realistic option for your not-yet-evolved competition.

3. Easier Upgrades, Updates, and New Solution Testing

One of the top reasons we’ve seen our customers migrate to the cloud is its benefit of easier upgrades and updates. When these processes move faster, you can reduce operational disruptions, devote fewer resources to their installation, and take advantage of new features and functionality faster.

But the cloud also brings another valuable resource: new solution testing. One of our clients, a credit union in western New York, has especially enjoyed this feature post-migration. Their team has used its test environment extensively to stage new ideas, test how they work, and then migrate them over, fully optimized from the start. You can hear more about this credit union’s cloud story below.

Credit Union Boosts Security & Unlocks Time to Enhance OnBase Solution with the Hyland Cloud
Credit Union Boosts Security & Unlocks Time to Enhance OnBase Solution with the Hyland Cloud

Get the story of how one of our customers, a New York-based Credit Union, migrated to the Hyland Cloud to gain more time to spend using OnBase, strengthen its data security, improve its solution performance, and streamline the upgrade process.

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4. Frees Up Employees’ Time for Tasks That Meet the Moment

With fewer manual, time-consuming admin tasks on their plates, your staff can spend more time on value-added tasks like strategic work or whatever new priority the moment calls for. That means you have more readily available resources when new needs arise, which is gold in today’s constantly changing business landscape.

5. Eliminates Data Availability Obstacles and Data Silos

When you migrate to the cloud, you gain unprecedented data availability. That way, your staff can easily and effectively embrace the hybrid or remote work structure. They can even access the data they need while on business trips or visiting customers and vendors on-site.

The cloud also breaks down your traditional data silos by providing a single source of truth. This gives your entire organization access to the most up-to-date data regarding your business processes, customers, markets, and more. With this information on hand, your team will know where and when to act, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve, no matter what your industry or customer base throws at you.

Embrace Resilience with the Cloud

Embracing cloud technology is more than just a strategic move; it’s a transformative journey that positions your business at the forefront of agility and innovation. By simplifying complex operations, scaling effortlessly with market demands, and enabling rapid deployment of upgrades and new solutions, the cloud not only streamlines your business processes but also frees up your workforce to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth. Plus, the unparalleled data accessibility you gain ensures that your team can make informed decisions quickly, keeping you ahead of the competition. With cloud agility as your ally, your organization won’t just adapt to change. It will thrive through it, setting a new standard for what it means to be agile in today’s dynamic business environment.

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