Tribal Government Software for Document Management & Workflow Solutions

Oneida Nation of WI Uses OnBase Throughout the Tribe

Watch this brief video of Oneida Nation’s IT leader talking about how Naviant and OnBase document management has completely transformed the way they do business. Oneida Nation saves $1.7 Million each year in electronic retrievals and refiling costs, and another $60K annually in paper storage. And that’s just the start…

OnBase Supports Strong and Effective Tribal Government

Organizations are increasingly turning to tribal government software for document management to handle the documents and processes needed to deliver services and improve their communities. OnBase helps tribal organizations manage documents, automate processes and deliver better services to their members. With OnBase, you can accelerate processes, deliver services in a cost-effective way and enhance and support compliance requirements for programs and funding. OnBase preserves the vital records of tribal membership, infrastructure projects, history and more.

OnBase links your documents to your other programs by connecting existing departmental systems and databases — such as enterprise resource management, asset management solutions, court or human services case management and law enforcement incident report management systems — to a central enterprise content management (ECM) (sometimes called document management) document repository, extending the value of these existing tribal government software investments.

Where OnBase & Naviant Can Help

Ho-Chunk Streamlines Document Management with OnBase

Watch this short video case study of Ho-Chunk’s IT Director sharing his thoughts on why the Ho-Chunk selected OnBase and Naviant, and how they are using it today to streamline their processes throughout the tribe. “We have so many processes that we can run OnBase in, it is going to save so much time.”

Naviant has helped other Tribal Governments, such as Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, Forest County PotawatomiHo-Chunk Nation, Kalispel Tribe, Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission, Potawatomi Carter Casino Hotel, Poarch Creek Indians Tribal Gaming Commission, Navajo Housing Authority and The Hualapai Tribe become more efficient.

OnBase’s a single solution tribal government software can help you manage Tribal Operations, Casino Management, Health & Human Services, Housing, Infrastructure & Planning, and Tribal Courts & Public Safety. Below are areas of focus on where OnBase and Naviant have expertise within Tribal Government to help tribes maximize every dollar they have to help their members bring their communities forward. Naviant also offers a significant discount on OnBase with our Tribal Government Software Bundle.

Hear How Forest County Potawatomi Uses OnBase

Watch this short video to hear how they are using OnBase. The Forest County Potawatomi Community is a tribal government with about 600 employees spanning across two areas in Wisconsin. They were retiring their old document management system and looking for a single platform enterprise content management solution for the entire organization.

Saves Big With Tribal Government Software Pricing Bundle

Naviant offers a Tribal Community Pricing Model for federally-recognized sovereign Indian tribal nations with community populations of less than 250,000.  The new Pricing Model provides tribal nations access to the industry-leading tribal government software, OnBase Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Business Process Management (BPM) Solution Suite through significantly discounted pricing for these qualifying communities.

The new Tribal Community Pricing Model includes an initial OnBase document management and workflow solution for frequently-requested functionalities, plus an extensive catalog of Add-On Solutions for additional areas of expansion.  More Details >.

Tribal Operations Automation Software

Naviant and OnBase help Tribal Operations with automating processes within these areas of expertise:

Casino Management

Naviant and OnBase help Casino Management with automating processes within these areas:

  • Gaming Management
  • Compliance
  • Gaming Floor / Operations
  • Incident Reporting
  • Audits

Health Services

OnBase and Naviant have deep experience and expertise within the Healthcare industry. Using an ECM system in Healthcare helps you find the information you need, it controls that information, and furthermore, makes it work for you. With the use of an ECM system, information is readily available to clinicians and staff within the applications that they already know and use.  OnBase drives improvements in patient care and service while reducing operational costs.  OnBase helps organizations manage paper and automate processes within these areas of expertise within Health & Human Services: