What is Case Management Software?

Case management software is the answer to your processes that cannot be defined and have unpredictable outcomes. These processes also cannot be solved by workflow automation alone, which requires predictable processes. A lot of times a case management and workflow automation solution are paired together for the greatest success.

Case management allows you to view all the information related to a business event, or case, in one place. The information these solutions can display may include data records, checklists, phone calls, emails, observations, forms, history, and documents. You no longer need to search through dozens of disparate applications, post-it notes, and spreadsheets to find all the information required to make those decisions.

Case management provides users with all the tools they need – whether they’re resolving an incident, managing a claim, fulfilling a service request, or onboarding an employee. With all this data conveniently accessed through one application, you stop wasting time hunting for the info you need to resolve issues.


How Case Management Software Works

The case management software creates a “case” that centralizes all relevant data and content. It pulls all this information together to give you a complete view. Having everything you need in one spot allows you to resolve cases quickly. Additionally, a case management solution can establish checklists and set timers and reminders to help you complete cases on time. You can even share and reassign cases as needed. Managers love the ability to view staff workloads and adjust caseloads on the fly to those who need more work. You’ll also gain access to critical reporting for performance measurements and record of all the steps taken.


Rapid Application Development

The best Case Management solutions are built off of low-code rapid application development (RAD) platform. A low-code platform allows you to configure a variety of business applications to fill in the gaps between your current line-of-business systems. RAD platforms minimize the need for costly custom coding, inefficient shared spreadsheets, and disconnected point solutions. Replace old departmental databases with applications that seamlessly connect data, processes, and related documents. By investing in a RAD-based platform, you enable your organization to build new solutions that solve your unique challenges quickly.


Where to Use Case Management Software

Case management for contract management and legal departments allows you to manage the entire contract life cycle with full visibility in one central repository. This helpful tool also tracks each contract’s progress and provides a full-circle view of all contract-related data.


  • Securely store contracts and all related information in one central place which makes it easy for workers to access information when they need it
  • Tracks every step of the process to improve your compliance and makes the auditing process faster
  • Increase visibility into the entire contract process like contract statuses, bottlenecks, cycle times, negotiation times, and contract profitability

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Case management for vendor management can help you to streamline the process of creating and updating your Accounts Payable (AP) vendor records. It even links vendor profiles to data and documents. The software solution also manages all your vendors’ materials, which offers you a single thorough view of a vendor.


  • Access and manage all vendor contracts, terms, expiration dates, and other related content in one place
  • Standardize vendor sourcing
  • Analyze vendor performance and compliance through graph dashboards
  • Track and monitor vendor incidents in a single location, while also centrally resolving each one

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With case management for human resources, you can centrally store and manage entire employee lifecycles. This includes employee file management, onboarding, policies and procedures, recruiting and selection, employee separation, and even training videos, documents, and other related content.


  • Automate routing and distribution of documents that need approval
  • Save the time it takes to perform routine document management functions like entering vacation dates, filing and retrieving records, name and address changes, and more
  • Distribute materials to employees faster
  • Save money on storage costs and lose fewer documents by having a central repository for all files

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Case management for claims processing can enhance your efficiency by storing all your information in a single location. You can also automate routine tasks like tracking missing or required information and verifying coverage. Additionally, handling more complex claims product lines becomes easier as the solution allows the insurer to interact with the claims process dynamically.


  • Streamline your claims process by integrating with your existing systems in place
  • Improve compliance through enhanced visibility, better adherence to internal controls, and greater audit ability
  • Enhance customer service through instant access to information
  • Reduce time spent making decisions with immediate information access

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Case management for provider enrollment credentialing assists health payers with managing the Provider Credentialing process more efficiently. It solves both the efficiency and visibility issues that plague the provider enrollment process. 


  • Quickly view the provider agreement, proof of current insurance, and medical licenses for each provider
  • Access all data for a provider by year in easy-to-view, easy-to-access tabs
  • Manage expiration dates, practice locations, and more, all in one view
  • Verify if current documentation on file is easy because everything is in one place
  • Timers notify you and the Credentialing department when documents are missing

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Public Records Request Management is an ideal application for Case Management software. Easily keep track of your requests and fulfillment with a single view into everything you need. From online request capabilities and comprehensive record searches and digital delivery, case management is the answer.


  • Simplify request submission and delivery for constituents
  • Provide a comprehensive search for complete request fulfillment
  • Improve priority delivery through automatic timers to notify staff of pending deadlines

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Many customers build custom Case Management solution to solve their unique business challenges. For example, a manufacturer created a database application to replace old applications, such as capital expenditure, stormwater, lease, and customer management. Another example, you could use Case Management to build an onboarding solution for contractors and compliance. Anything is possible with a RAD platform.


  • Replace spreadsheets and aging applications
  • Accelerate application configuration timelines because no custom coding required
  • Staff a complete view of information
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