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When I should I use the support phone line?
Call support if you are having a system down and/or cannot use your system. We limit use of the phone line for these emergencies so we can prioritize and start working on them immediately. For all other requests, please use the Customer Portal.
We have created an admin guide for first time administrators. You can request it by emailing
All Authorized Service Contacts should have access to the portal. If it is your first time, select the "I forgot my password" option at the login screen. Your account has already been set up, and all you will need to do is create a new password. If you are still having issues accessing the Naviant Customer Portal, please let us know at
Authorized Service Contacts can add new users at any time by sending an email to
If you would like a quote for an upgrade of OnBase's latest release, select the button on this page above called Software Upgrade Request.
If you would like to schedule an audit, or obtain more information on the contents of the audit, please email support
We have monthly blogs and webinars that can provide insight and details for all facets of OnBase.
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