Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software is an enhanced document management system. Like document management, an ECM solution helps you capture, store, and retrieve your paper and electronic data in a single electronic location. Then add in the ability to manage a larger variety of content, automate processes, track statuses in real-time, and integrate with your current business applications, and you have an ECM solution.

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Intelligent Capture

Capture is the critical starting point of your content journey. The sooner you get your content and data into your key systems and into the hands of those who need it, the more efficient your employees and overall processes will be. Intelligent Capture software accurately extracts and sorts critical information from incoming paper and electronic documents. Solve these challenges with Intelligent Capture:

  • Improve process bottlenecks
  • Eliminate inefficient, manual data entry
  • Reduce labor costs while empowering staff
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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software drives business efficiency and accuracy by unburdening your staff with repetitive work through a digital workforce. You can think of your digital workforce as software robots, and they are your new and most dedicated employees. RPA is a popular solution for:

  • Call Centers
  • Accounts Payable
  • Human Resources
  • Claims Processing
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Document Management

Document management software stores all document-based content in one digital location. You can search and find content faster.

Workflow Automation

Automate repeatable tasks, route documents, manage exceptions and extend key processes using tools like configurable workflow, built-in rules and actions, and customizable forms.

Case Management Software

By managing data relationships, documents and processes on a single platform, Naviant’s case management solutions empower employees to effectively manage cases and make better business decisions.

By Industry


When your content is digital, you gain many powers. You can manage content, processes, and cases through workflow automation. You can start simple and expand your solution across your entire government enterprise.

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Federal Government

Transform the way you do business and better serve your constituents with federal government software. This scalable technology lets you store all your content in a single secure platform and automate your processes.

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Tribal Government

Transform the way your tribe does business and better your entire community with a single document management solution that is scalable. It will help you improve tribal member services and save money.

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Documents and content drive your decisions day in and day out. Many insurance companies have legacy systems that are failing to make the leap to digital transformation.
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Healthcare Payer

Naviant partners with OnBase, a leading provider of world-class ECM for Healthcare Payers. Stop relying on complex manual processes and implement OnBase Case Management to help you regain control.

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Higher Education

Campus-wide, countless decisions are driven by paper. Transform your world with a content management platform that fills the gaps left by your core systems and provides a 360 electronic view of the student records.

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By Department

Accounting & Finance ›

With a document and content management system, you’ll complete accounting & finance tasks faster. And, when you leave the office each day, you’ll be confident your system accurately completed all tasks in full compliance.

Human Resources ›

You handle a lot of documents in human resources that need to be secure yet accessible. It’s also vital that they are only available to certain people at the right time. Many HR departments are turning to technology.

Legal & Compliance ›

Capture, store, and manage the entire contract lifecycle on a single secure platform while gaining full visibility of your processes with a Legal & Compliance Automation solution.

Our Software
OnBase Software

A single content services platform for managing content, processes, and cases that combines ECM, case management, BPM, records management, compliance, and capture capabilities on a single platform.

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Data capture platform that accurately sorts structured and unstructured documents paper and electronic documents and seamlessly passes content to your core business applications.

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ABBYY Vantage

ABBYY Vantage is an Intelligent Document Processing platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to capture, extract, and process data embedded in documents of any type and structure.

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ABBYY Timeline

ABBYY Timeline is a process intelligence platform that can pinpoint inefficiencies and give you a better view of your business processes.

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Content Portal

The Content Portal, powered by Jadu, is a fully integrated web content management portal solution that enhances your operational efficiency and supercharges your digital transformation.

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Invoice Cloud provides a complete, secure electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) solution that streamlines the payment process and enhances payment capabilities

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Hyland’s Alfresco platform offers open, cloud-native content management solutions to connect, manage and protect your enterprise’s most important information, wherever it lives.

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The Nuxeo Platform is a cloud-native highly scalable asset management solution that accelerate speed to market and improves processes, collaboration and the user experience.

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