Industry disruptors like virtual learning have proven that digital transformation is a strategic imperative for higher education institutions. A recent survey by the EDUCAUSE Digital Transformation research project revealed that institutions are beginning to act on this opportunity to get ahead of the curve:

  • 32% of respondents reported their institution is in the process of developing a digital transformation strategy.
  • 13% of respondents reported their institution is already engaging in digital transformation.
  • 38% of respondents said that their institution is not yet engaged in digital transformation but is exploring it.

To achieve a truly digital campus, going paperless is a must, but that’s still not enough. It’s what you do with these new digital records that define you as an agile, paperless campus. The data within these documents live in several core systems. But how does it get there, and at what cost?

Leveraging an electronic content management platform ensures that key data is automatically input into your core systems quickly and accurately. Then, workflow automation automatically completes any associated business processes in a fraction of the time with little manual effort. An ECM platform connects all your core systems, offering staff a complete view of information. This full visibility then empowers them to provide the best possible experience to (prospective) students.

An admissions processing solution accelerates the review process to send admissions decisions to coveted best-fit applicants faster than competing institutions.

When admissions offices automate the capture and routing of applications, they will make faster, more accurate decisions. As OnBase (content management platform) receives and imports documents, it automatically indexes them using information from your Student Information System (SIS). Once the SIS checklist is complete, applications move immediately to counselors for review.


  • Removes the hassle of paper
  • Reduces manual processing
  • Increases speed of admissions processing by cutting delays
  • Automates document matching, check listing, file completion, and routing to counselors for review
  • Provides visibility into the applicant pool in real-time

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The Registrar’s Office plays a vital role on campus, especially since it’s connected to virtually every department. With OnBase (content management platform), you’ll better manage comprehensive digital student records with supporting content from all offices serving students. Having complete, accurate, and accessible student records will set up your students and staff for success. Additionally, real-time connections to your SIS ensure that information is automatically input and that you have access to documents right from the familiar SIS screen.

When it comes to Registrar’s Offices, forms come with the territory. You must handle Add/Drop forms, Grade Changes forms, Change of Major forms, and more. Sure, PDF forms are helpful, but what if they contain mistakes or lack a key supporting document? Did a game of “form tag” just ensue? Naviant can help you dial in your forms processing. No longer will slight miscues require your students and staff to start from square one. Better yet, once the information on a form has been validated with your SIS, it is delivered to the intended party immediately. In doing so, it expedites approvals and students get the answers they need.

“We would have needed a legion of human data processors to achieve what Naviant’s solution did, and continues to do, for us. The time savings we enjoy now are invaluable. It’s why I keep asking Naviant to do more magic for me.” 

-Darin Hobbs, University Registrar, Western Governors University


  • Ensure that staff serving students have access to pertinent information, enabling them to facilitate student success and satisfaction
  • Automate electronic form submissions between students, faculty, and Registrar staff
  • Leverage data from your SIS, reducing manual data entry and errors

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Every institution is vying to admit the best-fit students, whether they are first-year or transfer students. Relying on transcript capture and evaluation processes that revolve around paper, manual data entry, and manual review can significantly stretch out the decision period. As a result, students must wait weeks or even months to receive admission, course equivalency, and financial aid decisions. Not only does this put you at a disadvantage when compared to other institutions, but it also makes your applicants uneasy.

Investing in an automated transcript capture and evaluation solution can reduce the decision period and ensure you have accurate course equivalency reports. Intelligent capture technology extracts and validates student and course data before passing it to your SIS. This way, you gain the ability to capture key information for prospective students and provide fast, accurate transfer credit reports that have been validated against your articulation database.

Intelligent Capture Diagram



  • Remove the need to manually key in transcript data received in electronic or paper format
  • Free up your staff from having to review each transcript to determine course equivalencies
  • Provide admission, course equivalency and financial aid decisions in days, not weeks or months
  • Store all transcript data in one secure, central, electronic location for easy access

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Much like the Admissions Office, Financial Aid is under tremendous pressure to secure best-fit students while also providing excellent customer service to get students to register for classes on time. OnBase (content management platform) helps you eliminate overburdened processes to ease verification, get packages out faster, and remain compliant.

With OnBase, Financial Aid staff can scan paper documents or students can upload files online themselves. Then, OnBase indexes the information with verification data. As the verification documents come in, OnBase automatically updates the checklist in your SIS. And with OnBase’s full visibility into updated checklists, staff can easily answer questions about which documents have been received and which are still due.

Once all verification documents are received, the student record is routed for review. When comparing the ISIR data alongside the SIS, you can quickly determine if any data is unequal. Your advisors can then make changes as necessary to ensure full compliance.


  • Streamline the collection of verification documents
  • Capture data to compare to ISIR information
  • Send award letters out faster to secure best-fit students and timely registration

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The hard work you have put into building relationships with donors can be for naught without a complete set of donor files. As a result, to preserve your hard work, it is critical to have access to all past and present information regarding each donor. OnBase (content management platform) empowers your Advancement, Development and Alumni Affairs offices with secure, centrally managed electronic donor files that are updated automatically as new information arrives. Having a single, reliable record along with automation accelerates gift processing. This way, your staff can continue to focus on cultivating relationships with donors.


  • Offer quick, secure, remote access to donor files
  • Extend the functionality of your advancement CRM, enabling electronic management of gift payments and related documents for more efficient processing
  • Automate process workflows with notifications that remind staff of upcoming delivery dates

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You can also use document management to automate your business processes in the following areas:

With electronic student files and records on one screen, student services and enrollment staff have all the information they need to quickly respond to student inquiries and needs.

Enterprise Application Integration Components to Support:

  • Ellucian
    • Ethos Connect
    • Banner
    • Colleague
  • PeopleSoft
  • Salesforce
  • Workday
  • Slate CRM
  • And more

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