Mobility is Mandatory

There was once a time in which having mobile access to a business application was cutting edge. Now, however, demands on both executives and other professionals require that critical business information is available to the right people at the right time, no matter when or where that may be.

Today’s professional world is filled with remote workers traveling for different business tasks. Executives need to be able to access and approve documents on the fly, from whatever device is most convenient. An ECM platform that doesn’t allow for mobility is no longer an option. Workers need to be able to access and act on key documents using their Androids, Blackberries, Windows phones, iPads, and iPhones. Ensuring your ECM solution is able to go anywhere not only makes your employees’ lives easier, but it also helps facilitate stronger customer service as interactions with your organization are conducted more quickly.

Having a mobile strategy in place at your organization has of late been found to be critical. It is likely most of your competitors have already implemented mobile technologies, and so it is a must that when you’re ready to purchase an ECM solution, that mobility is included. Preferably, you should be looking for a technology that allows you to capture, review, approve/enforce business rules, and submit documents to appropriate places as needed.

The purpose behind mobile ECM is to enable your workforce. Give your team the power to make their own decisions. A mobile ECM solution should help you stay connected to documents and information, keep processes moving accurately, and give you the ability to access any and all transactions so that your knowledge is up-to-date. Look for a solution that is built specifically for each device so the end user will always have a good experience, has a seamless integration with critical workflow processes, and incorporates convenient search capabilities to access documents from anywhere. All with the proper security requirements of course.

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About Kara Martin

As a content writer for Naviant, Kara’s goal is to help companies better understand how Naviant can assist them with their document management, intelligent capture, and workflow automation needs to reach their goals. Through authoring articles and blogs after researching and conversing with subject matter experts (SME), Kara transforms complex content into simple pieces that educate business users about how this technology can help them. Kara is also a UW-Madison graduate and spends her free time doing anything active or music-related, from hiking to playing the violin.

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