Capture Software | Key Things You Need to Know

Capture is a critical ECM building block. No matter where or how content enters your organization, your capture solution must provide faster, simpler, and improved access to content, documents, and data to those who need it most. As with most technology, there are solutions that vary in sophistication and we would like to educate you on how to select the one that is right for your business.

Varying from the most simplistic method of scanning in paper documents to the more complex intelligent capture solution that “brings alive” the data from the documents and integrates that data into your existing systems to automatically move work through the queues, the world of capture can be broken down into three types of solutions:

Types of Capture Solutions

Document Scanning

This is the most simplistic form of capture for documents that are paper-based. With support for a variety of document scanners, your document scanning software solution easily images paper documents and turns them into basic electronic files to eliminate the need for physical storage. This allows you to reduce storage costs and free up valuable building space.

Electronic Content Capture

This type of capture solution handles your content that is already in electronic form when it enters your organization, but you need a way to process it into your existing systems. As a complement to your ECM solution, this type of solution captures documents and email attachments directly from Microsoft Office applications, as well as provides a variety of import capabilities to enable document capture from virtually any electronic location. This type of capture solution also can ingest a variety of data stream formats to bring relevant data and business-critical documents together in one system.

Data Capture Software (aka Intelligent Capture)

This is the most sophisticated type of capture that “brings alive” the data from the documents through optical character recognition (OCR) technology, and allows you to automatically process work based on pre-defined rules you set in place. This allows your employees to focus on the exceptions, and lets the system process the majority of the work automatically without needing any human intervention. As documents are captured, the software extracts the relevant data and shares it with your other systems. This additional functionality from an intelligent capture solution minimizes manual data entry and speeds processes from the point of origination. Learn more about our Brainware Intelligent Capture solution.