Artificial intelligence (AI) has fundamentally changed many aspects of the way we work. From Siri on our phones to Alexa in our homes, AI has proven its value in various ways. Believe it or not, data capture is no exception. Automated data capture technology already increases workplace efficiency and decreases business costs. Additionally, “Intelligent” capture is even more dynamic, leveraging the power of AI and robotic process automation (RPA). As a result, enterprises can enjoy additional benefits.

Imagine feeding a batch of invoices into a scanner, stepping away, and letting an attached computer take over. Because the computer will file and prepare them, you’ll only have to deal with the exceptions before paying the bills. Truly intelligent capture software doesn’t require templates, keywords, exact definitions, taxonomies, or indexing to get the job done. Rather, it can extract the right information and make sense of a wide variety of documents on its own, regardless of size, format, language, or symbols used.

Above all, it’s important to note that the goal of AI-driven data capture isn’t to replace humans, but to drive as much automation as possible with machines that can intelligently carry out tasks. Ultimately, employees no longer have to perform mundane tasks and can take on high-value tasks that require a human mind to do well.

The ability to succeed goes hand in and with the ability to change. Information and documents continually change, and they must learn and adapt. Ideally, this information should be able to change along with technology that does the same. Read this whitepaper to learn more and discover what AI and data capture can do for your organization.

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