Best Practices for Leveraging Enterprise Content to Transform Business

There’s a shift taking place in the enterprise content management (ECM) industry as it evolves into content services.

A content services platform helps to unify traditional siloed and disparate systems into a seamless, secure, and highly searchable work environment that enhances collaboration, reduces costs, and optimizes workflows while empowering organizations to repurpose resources and content and maintain information ecosystems optimized for corporate governance and compliance.

In this report from analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, you’ll learn about this shift as well as:

Growing Pains


  • Rebooting Aging Workflows to Cope with Today’s Information Management Needs
  • Information Mismanagement Leads to Security Breaches
  • Usability is Key

Technology to the Rescue


  • Future-proofing Your Technology Investment through Standards
  • Role-Based Apps vs. Monolithic Suites
  • Service-oriented Architectures
  • Baby Steps to Deployment Sucess and Achieving Business Goals
  • Beyond Search
  • Widgets
  • Leveraging the Cloud

Show Me the Money


  • Cost Reduction
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Targeted, Consistent and Engaging User Experiences
  • Information Management in Action

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