Brainware Intelligent Capture by Hyland is an industry leading intelligent data capture solution. It can help companies of any size eliminate manual data entry and automate document processing. Additionally, by using Brainware Intelligent Capture, companies can also gain visibility and control over their manual, labor intensive processes.

Hyland is a leader in providing content services software solutions for organizations across the globe. These solutions can manage content, processes and cases. Hyland offers a complete set of content services technologies. They can be used alone or in combination to manage content of any type. Technologies include workflow, case management, compliance, and internal and external collaboration.

Solution Differentiation

  • Brainware Intelligent Capture automatically classifies and extracts data from large volumes of unstructured document images and native files. Additionally, it doesn’t even use templates, keywords, forms or zonal OCR.
    • Built using patented neural network, auto-learning and pattern matching technologies
    • Over $100 million invested in R&D
    • IP portfolio includes 54 issued and 37 pending patents
    • Delivered with pre-built invoice processing capabilities minimizing customizations and speeding implementations
  • Brainware Intelligent Capture is recognized as the most robust, scalable and accurate auto-classification and extraction product on the market

Brainware Intelligent Capture delivers higher levels of “out-of-the-box” invoice automation in a variety of ways. Firstly, it accomplishes this by leveraging pre-built “best practices” invoice processing functionality that minimizes the need for customizations and speeds time-to-value. Secondly, it uses patented associative search technology to accurately select invoicing vendor and to automatically pair invoice lines with PO lines in most ERP systems. Thirdly, it delivers its pre-configured ability to process invoices in over 25 languages. For example, this includes those which use Cyrillic and double-byte character sets, such as Chinese or Japanese. Fourth of all, Brainware Intelligent Capture has a Visibility Reporting Suite which provides objective metrics on the solution and who is using it. As a result, this gives end users insight and control over the newly automated processes. Finally, it exports data into any backend system, including ERP, ECM, CRM, image archive, existing workflows, and others.

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