Automated Data Capture with Increased Visibility

Organizations are struggling to increase efficiencies as they grow while trying to keep costs down. Additionally, data fuels business, so it needs to be as accurate as possible. Today, as important documents enter the organization, staff organize the documents. They may also find the important data to add to core systems. But utilizing staff to capture incoming data, validate it and update systems slows processes. It can also increase the risk of costly human errors. Additionally, as the company grows, it needs to invest in additional resources, increasing costs.

Brainware automates the document and information capture process, allowing your employees to focus on higher value tasks and projects.

Additionally, Brainware uniquely incorporates built-in intelligence to take automation to next level, providing scalability, and the accompanying Visibility product offers improved insight into the document and data capture process.

The Biggest Benefits of Automated Data Capture

  • Improves process speed: Through automation and integration, capture solutions speed the data extraction process, including validation and distribution into other systems.
  • Reduces organization-wide costs: Reducing manual labor, data errors and transportation of documents decreases costs and misinformed business decisions.
  • Optimizes the workforce: Reallocating resources efficiently and providing immediate access to information as it is received increases staff productivity and
    improves customer service.

Data Capture with Brainware

Brainware automates four critical functions that otherwise require tedious, manual effort.

  • Classification: Brainware supports structured, semi-structured and free-form documents, and can automatically determine document type.
  • Data extraction: Using a variety of methods, Brainware can determine where the important information lies on a document, and then uses OCR technology to automatically extract it.
  • Data validation: Leveraging integrations with other systems and learned intelligence, Brainware automatically validates extracted information and presents a simple verification screen for users wherever there is questionable data.
  • Information and content delivery: Brainware can interact with virtually any content or information management system to automatically deliver information and content to where they need to go.
  • Increased process visibility: Better visibility improves process management. The
    Visibility product surfaces valuable analytics that measure performance of the Brainware system. Clear indicators of success allow process owners to justify the investment into Brainware and empower managers to continuously improve the process over time.



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