Real-time insight and analysis

The key to business performance management is insight into business processes that empowers timely and decisive action. Visibility for Brainware is a reporting, dashboard and analytics package that puts this powerful insight within reach. With Visibility, you gain immediate access to metrics and key performance indicators that report on the status of every document in the Brainware system, how the system is performing, and where to focus the most time and attention.

Access to critical information

Visibility for Brainware shows the flow of all invoices, transcripts, remittances, orders and other documents in management dashboards. It also monitors the efficiency of all Brainware processes as they’re running. Additionally, it tracks the status of all documents within the process. Finally, it pinpoints and drills down on any single document.

Detailed statistics on Brainware functions

Visibility for Brainware gives you insight on data extraction metrics, verifier status updates, and straight-through processing statistics. Finally, it shows you document details by amount or date.

Management reports

Visibility comes with prebuilt reports and supports ad hoc report design. Additionally, the intuitive user interface and interactive drag-and-drop design tool helps managers and decision-makers create their own reports instantaneously without support from IT.

You can easily select, filter, group and summarize data when generating a report; insert graphs and charts by dragging and dropping data elements into a report designer; and export reports in PDF, XLS, HTML, and CSV formats.

For example, the following is a sampling of management reports included in the Visibility package.

Average extraction

Average field extraction rates for today, yesterday, past 7 days, past 30 days and specified date ranges.

Current status

List of all documents being processed by event or by project.

Document throughput detail

Processing time for each document or set of documents in a given data range. Additionally, you get the ability to drill down into specific results.

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