How to Build a WorkView Application

The release of OnBase 18 introduced us to some significant upgrades. One of the most notable changes is the increase in how quickly we can stand up an application using WorkView.

Now that our Introduction to OnBase WorkView webinar has helped you better understand the basics of WorkView, this webinar will provide more details on the application building process itself and help get you started. You will also learn more in this webinar about the ACE File (Application Creation Excelerator) layout and how you can leverage this tool to build your first application.

You can expect to learn and see plenty of helpful tips, tricks, and information in this webinar. One highlight of the presentation will be teaching how to layout your data tables, attributes, and relationship using the ACE format. Additionally, you’ll learn how to make your first application a success by building filters, views, and more. Finally, we’ll cover the ins and outs of how to leverage your other tools to integrate your WorkView application with your existing OnBase solution. For instance, this could mean kicking off the process with a form and routing it via Workflow for an approval process, which is commonly seen in every business.

Jump start your first application building process today using some of the tips and tricks discussed here.

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