Personalize Policyholder Communications

As technology continues to evolve, the expectations of insurance customers change as well. Many individuals who are insured may still be in favor of the paper-based communication model, but many more are flocking in increasing numbers to the idea of alternative communication modes like emails, web chatting, and social media platforms. Digital communication modes such as these promote a better, more personalized customer experience. Many businesses are becoming aware of the importance of excellent customer experiences. In fact, 72% of businesses say that improving the customer experience is their top priority, according to Forrester.

Enhance Customer Communication Engagement

Customers receive separate communications that are from various different functions, channels, and products within the insurance organization. And each one has its own unique message, purpose, and format that it uses. Unfortunately, this means that the messaging isn’t likely to be highly coordinated or personalized. Additionally, most carriers lack the technology to support the effective use of multiple channels, like web, mobile, and social media. Many carriers still rely on labor-intensive legacy processes for their content assembly processes, and outdated systems make reusing or sharing content with different business units a difficult feat.

The efficient solution to this inconsistency is Hyland’s Content Composer. This technology provides a complete customer communication management (CCM) solution. By creating and managing personalized communications and omnichannel delivery, this technology can help your organization increase external party engagement. Content Composer was designed to integrate with enterprise applications and office productivity software. It features powerful distribution, creation, and management tools that improve customer communication efficiency, consistency, and productivity.

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