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Organizations that have adopted content services and understand their value plan to invest an average of $2 million in the next 12 months. Additionally, 76 percent say they intend to increase their current investment levels in two years (32 percent of them “significantly). Specifically, this information comes from Forrester in a 2019 study entitled “Content At Your Service.”

It’s clear that these organizations have seen the potential for content services to, well, transform their digital transformations. This is especially the case when it comes to customer experience improvements. As the Forrester study points out, “content services users report greater digital transformation success, as well as revenue gains and customer and employee experience improvements.”

Is your organization is considering investing in content services as a way to improve customer experiences? If so, casting a content services partner is your next big undertaking. But how do you narrow the field?

This ebook will help you define the capabilities most critical to enhancing customer experiences, both directly and indirectly. But it also can help you find a talented and well-rounded partner. They should be aware of your customer experience goals and help you to reach them. Your potential provider needs the perfect combination of capabilities, expertise, and proven success. This is the true test of whether a provider has the star quality your organization needs.

This guide can be used directly in your evaluations for potential content services partners. However, you can also use it as a reference to create your own audition criteria.

Create more enjoyable performances

Content services is a set of offerings that range from content management to case management. Will all of these capabilities directly affect your customers’ experiences? While it could be argued that every content service offering can contribute to simplifying business processes, and therefore create more opportunities for employees to focus on customers, there are several capabilities that take center stage.

In its “Content At Your Service” thought leadership paper, Forrester asked study respondents which content services capabilities are most important to them. Their responses pointed to six capabilities needed of today’s extended enterprises – those which require the delivery of superior experiences and collaboration opportunities between employees and external stakeholders in the normal course of business. Let’s dive into these crowd-pleasing content services capabilities.

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