Digitally Transform Insurance Business Processes Series (Part 1 of 3)

Shifts in consumer behavior have influenced many industries, but insurance has seen some of the most dramatic changes. Evolving policyholder demands, combined with increased regulatory oversight and unrelenting competition have accelerated the rate at which insurers must respond to change.

Customers will no longer tolerate slow and frustrating processes defined by a carrier’s internal information silos and technical limitations. Strategically managing organization information and using the right tools, allows insurers to focus on the client and the type of service and experience they expect. Using a content and process management solution designed to optimize the claims process, insurers will find immediate benefits.

How to Get Ahead

Learn how to improve your core business by processing claims more efficiently, all while lowering operating costs, and gaining faster response times. See how Travel Guard and Guarantee Trust Life are gaining competitive advantages by investing in an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solution to improve the management of your documents, content, processes and the data needed to support the unpredictable and dynamic decisions made on the fly when processing claims.

Travel Guard increased productivity in their Claims Department by 100%, after implementing an OnBase paperless claims processing solution.

Guarantee Trust Life saves $15,000 annually on office supplies – a 16% reduction that insurer continues to reduce – by decreasing their dependency on paper.

Within this Customer Service & Claims Automation video, we’ll cover a variety of interesting topics. Firstly, we’ll cover the importance of a platform that provides simplicity and flexibility. Additionally, you’ll learn how you can eliminate paper redundancy and information silos within the Claims process. Finally, we will go over the benefits of a central location. Particularly, this refers to a central location for your information, which allows employees to focus on decisions. As a result, your employees will also be able to focus on follow-up and better overall customer service.

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