You have invested in an SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to manage key financial data and operations. This may include invoice and sales order information, general ledger tables and even payment terms and policies. However, you have critical related content that these systems can’t effectively manage. For example, this may include purchase orders, packing slips, supplier correspondence and contracts. This leaves your employees without easy access certain information. However, this information is critical, as you need it to make decisions, manage processes and provide customer service.

What if you could complete the picture?

OnBase complements your SAP system. It provides employees with a complete view of the payables and receivables information they need, when and where they need it. OnBase centralizes all types of critical content and connects it to the data in your ERP, providing users with instant access to all relevant information directly from their familiar system interface. Many of our clients are also SAP customers, so we’ve become well acquainted with this integration, even achieving Hyland’s SAP Integration Competency Status for our expertise in implementing it.

Centralizes all content

ERP systems that you design to handle data often provide only a basic content repository with limited capabilities. OnBase delivers a full range of enterprise-class, secure document management capabilities on a single platform, seamlessly integrated with your SAP system.

Automates supporting processes

While your ERP handles certain processes, other existing processes are either very expensive to implement or that your system simply wasn’t designed to handle. For example, this could include invoice workflows or customer dispute resolution.

Consolidates disconnected data

SAP manages specific business data. However, there are related tasks, activities, conversations and other information that you manage outside your system. This could be via email inboxes, spreadsheets, old databases and legacy applications. OnBase consolidates scattered data, tasks, and activities living outside your ERP into a single location. Additionally, in this location, they are all connected and tracked.

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