Hyland Software has been a leader in the workflow and BPM space for a long time – 8 years running to be exact according to the Gartner reports.

However, if you are one of the many customers who are still leveraging traditional workflow, you probably continue to face challenges.

For example, perhaps you have a step in your process or even an entire process that is not-so-linear or easy to map out on a whiteboard. You might even have processes where you are more concerned with managing and routing data versus the documents themselves. Sound familiar? Fortunately, this is where the OnBase WorkView application building platform comes into play.

Introduction to OnBase Workflow: What is WorkView?

WorkView, also known as Case Management, provides case workers with a complete view of all the information they need to tackle the work requiring their expert knowledge.

Specifically, WorkView grants the ability to conveniently keep data records, tasks, processes notes, and documents in one central place. In addition, it integrates with the Hyland product suite and can leverage all enterprise-class content management capabilities.

With WorkView, you will be able to easily manage where a case has been and where it needs to go. It will also reduce the need of searching across data sources for information. This in turn, will free up your knowledge workers’ time so they can attend to higher-value tasks.


Workview is also scalable to any solution size. It can create business applications for not only a single department but for an entire enterprise. Some examples of WorkView-centric solutions are Incident Management, Contract Management, and IT Ticketing.

Ready to learn more about WorkView and what it could potentially do for you?

Join this Introduction to OnBase WorkView webinar to learn what tools are used to build these solutions. As well as, how are they are different from the Workflow & Forms solutions you’re familiar with using today.

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