Why Kryon RPA?

Every organization has processes that are tedious and time-consuming to perform. This is where automation can help, but the idea of figuring out which processes would be the best options for automation can be intimidating. Ideally, you want to make an informed decision about which processes to automate so you can get as high of a Return on Investment as possible, and in as little time and effort as possible so you can hit the ground running. Kryon has built a robotic process automation (RPA) solution with these priorities in mind, making them a possibility for your organization.

Process Discovery: How it Works

Kryon RPA’s Process Discovery delivers an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution to meet these goals. Kryon’s Discovery Robots tracks every interaction with all your applications that occurs on the computers they are monitoring and continuously send this data to the Discovery Engine so it can analyze and map out each process that has been identified.

You can view the findings in real-time as they are reported on the Kryon Console, another helpful tool that’s easy for any business user, regardless of whether or not they have an IT or developer background. This tool also proposes automation recommendations that are prioritized by return of investment (ROI) and business results. You can browse through these suggestions and take a closer look with just a few simple clicks, as well as make edits wherever you please. You can also readily see users, process volume, steps, variants, average time, and process frequency, and results can be easily filtered by date, department, user, application, and more. The Kryon Console also displays the amount of time saved, so you can easily gauge a good estimate of how much time you may be saving yourself even prior to implementation.

When you’re satisfied with a workflow suggestion and have done all the editing you want to do, you simply have to click “automate,” and the “recommendation” turns into automation. Easy as that!

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