The Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District is a government organization who already had an OnBase Solution but wanted to use it more efficiently. They hoped to utilize their solution to its full capacity so that it could be as useful as possible for their staff. They hired Business Analyst, Amy Bublitz, who had previous OnBase experience, to help them achieve this goal. She became the champion of their content management solution. She worked to digitize content, develop automated processes, and get the rest of the organization on board. Amy had partnered with Naviant previously, so she reached out to them to help her to improve the organization’s processes.

Today, Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District mostly uses OnBase as a document retention tool that digitizes documentation. Their new goal is to implement workflow solutions to automate various processes for the Human Resource department. They hope that this solution will assist with tasks like onboarding new staff and simplifying the Safety Department’s mandatory tests. This assistance should also extend to the Accounts Payable department, streamlining it with routing documents.

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