You already know your Esri® ArcGIS solution empowers you. Not only does it help you to save time and money, but even lives, all by providing quick access to real-time data. In addition, when you can perform deep analysis and share those results where they’ll have the most impact, everyone makes better, smarter decisions. Now imagine being able to give your GIS users immediate access to your organization’s documents, content and cases directly from the maps they use every day. That’s the power of OnBase.

Import and Map Your Data

With the OnBase Integration for Esri ArcGIS, processes no longer stop while GIS users search for related documents. Projects are completed quickly because all necessary information – including permits, work orders, notices of loss and other correspondence – is accessible from the maps your staff uses every day. As a result, by bringing data to the map, users have a spatial view of their content.

OnBase integrates directly with Esri ArcGIS, allowing you to leverage both investments by connecting documents to geographic map features. OnBase documents can be sent to – and retrieved from – map locations with a click, eliminating inefficient application switching. In addition, users can upload documents and create forms directly from the map, automatically indexing them with map feature metadata. Location analytics functionality means more than dynamically displaying documents on a map. By presenting document information as feature layer pinpoints on the interactive Esri map, users can hover for more information or click to pull up and work with associated documents. Additionally, color coding based on keywords helps identify frequency of activity, patterns and population groupings so you can analyze data on-the-fly and improve decision-making.



  • Automatically link OnBase documents
  • Publish geolocation-enabled document types
  • Retrieve all documents and cases
  • View business process queues spatially
  • Upload documents and create electronic forms
  • Send OnBase documents and create electronic forms
  • Browser-based and desktop-based
  • Flexible geocoding options


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