About Naviant

What Do We Do?

Naviant provides sophisticated enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) solutions that drive efficiencies and insights into business data and processes to enable executives to make better decisions.

As a nationally-recognized ECM solutions integrator and BPM consulting organization, Naviant’s “process-first” approach brings focus to the importance of process improvement prior to implementing best-in-class ECM solutions and technology.

Naviant’s best-in-class solutions centralize on transactional document management, workflow automation, and intelligent capture to help clients manage the capture, processing, access, integration, reporting, and storage of unstructured content and ancillary data related to key business transactions.

Founded in 1986, Naviant has been a leader and sophisticated solutions integrator within the progressive evolution of the industry from document management (DM) in the 80s, which evolved into enterprise content management (ECM), then advanced to include business process management (BPM) and  enterprise information management (EIM) and case management (CM). Now we are in the age of digital transformation and the next evolution is here – content services. Naviant proudly serves over 150 mid-size and global organizations and is headquartered in Wisconsin, just a few miles from Epic Software. As a OnBase Diamond Authorized OnBase Solutions Integrator and Support Provider, Naviant has achieved the highest recognition from Hyland, creator of OnBase, for providing superior technical support to our customers.

How Do We Do It?

We solve the business challenges related to managing your unstructured content and ancillary data around key business transactions. Let us explain. Every organization has a line of business application (ERP, HRIS, EMR, etc.) to manage core data. Naviant’s ECM solutions help you manage everything else that relates to the core data (that “everything else” is called unstructured content and/or ancillary data). Unstructured content is the critical business information that core systems do not effectively capture or manage (examples include: paper, scanned documents, email, electronic forms, faxes, audio, video, Microsoft Office files, reports, invoices, claims, requests, x-rays, MRI scans, CAD drawings, etc.). Ancillary data is structured data that does not reside within formal line of business systems AND is often stored in disparate locations (contract details, incidents, vendor rating, Rolodex, spreadsheets, access databases, phone conversations, post-it notes, etc.).

Naviant’s holistic approach to managing your unstructured and ancillary data provides you a 360-degree view of your business processes and data which allow these advantages over your competition:

  • Make better-informed decisions with real-time visibility into processes
  • Grow the organization without adding headcount
  • Drive down costs while providing access to critical information quickly
  • Re-purpose existing headcount to more value-added activities

Why Process First?

Over the past 25+ years, Naviant consultants have validated that process and how people engage in a process should be the primary focus – and that the ability for technology to enable process should be a secondary focus – to successfully and efficiently achieve your goals. Oftentimes, Naviant has found that legacy processes have not been assessed for efficiency which can lead to significant organizational time and expense. Prior to recommending an ECM or BPM solution, Naviant fully evaluates current processes and potential future options before recommending any new software investment.

Our Approach

After thorough process analysis with each customer, Naviant will recommend a solution focused on six key areas: content capture (scanning, imaging, forms processing, optical character recognition, extraction and validation, taxonomy, indexing, etc.), process automation, system access (personalized for each user, mobile, web, offline, etc.), integration with third-party line-of-business systems (ERP, HRIS, EMR, etc.), reporting needs, and content storage (security, retention requirements, compliance, etc.).

Naviant utilizes a consultative and diagnostic approach to review current organizational processes, technologies, operational systems and supporting intelligence to build our analysis and recommendations.  Naviant’s methodical approach shows our commitment to process, and forces logic and ideals into well-organized business models.

The Naviant methodology is designed to provide a complete validation of the current situation and understanding of the future solution.  Each step in this methodology builds on the prior step to drive to a final solution. Our approach follows an iterative methodology which allows the Project Teams to review and refine the solution from the “Solution Design Phase” through the “Feedback & Test Phase,” with the end result being a Solution Blueprint, including the Project Phase Plan and final specifications to implement a solid solution.

Naviant incorporates Business Excellence principles and tools to improve process performance that supports customer experience, stakeholder value, and alignment to corporate objectives through the measurement and monitoring of key performance benchmarks and metrics.  As a foundation for improvement, Business Excellence validates the use of best practices across the organization and creates an environment for continuous improvement through a blended approach of process tools, technology platforms, and resource alignment.  The ultimate objective is to provide visibility into organizational performance to enhance business decisions, process innovation and drive organizational value.