What does “being digital” mean to your company?

60% of respondents in this year’s Excellence in Risk Management survey, stated that “Better serving our end users (internal and external) by meeting their expectations” is their top definition for “being digital.”

For insurance companies, customer communication is a crucial component to serving end users. The way you communicate with your customers has a direct impact on your organization’s path to a successful digital transformation.

Customers want a personalized insurance experience from the moment they request a quote to the resolution of a claim. OnBase, a platform focused on content, case, and communication management, provides a solution to manage the entire content lifecycle for insurers.

Happy Employees – Happy Customers

Your employees need a complete 360-degree view of your policy holder’s information to be able to serve customers effectively. Providing the whole picture to your team allows them to treat the policyholder as an individual rather than a policy number.

Leveraging OnBase, your team has immediate access to critical information. They can electronically view physical letters, email correspondence, accident photos or any other information in one centralized place. Your team now has the agility to be informed of a claim and can swiftly answer specific questions regarding previous interactions.

With document composition capabilities, you provide your team with the tools needed to respond to customers inquires while avoiding legal and compliance risks. Leveraging existing data, from OnBase or third-party systems, and automating the generation of Microsoft Word documents, organizations can produce accurate, standardized documents and communications. With the burden of compliance lifted from employees, it increases employee satisfaction as well as productivity.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Technology has changed the way we all see the world. With seemingly unlimited amounts of information at our fingertips, customers look for maximum convenience at the lowest cost. Insurance is no different. Insurers who want to remain relevant need to reevaluate their customer communication model to be successful with these new customer expectations.

Choosing a content services platform that integrates with existing technology investments, like OnBase, allows insurers to broaden their capabilities and expedites their journey to “being digital.” Insurers can extend secure access to policy documents, provide updates on claims statuses, and give customers the opportunity to manage preferences and complete self-service tasks, like address changes.

Insurers who embrace the use of technology to communicate directly with their customers will see the benefits immediately. Reaching customers with messages that are timely, relevant and targeted provides an opportunity to educate your customer on new offerings and increase loyalty and satisfaction.

An Award-Winning Solution

In 2018, OnBase was profiled as a leading vendor for customer communication management (CCM) capabilities for insurers by Celent. Defined by the analyst firm as “a technology system that allows the automatic generation of documents from a managed template to both variable data and business rules,” Hyland is among only nine featured vendors delivering CCM capabilities to the insurance industry.

In fact, Celent named Hyland, creator of OnBase, an XCelent Service Award winner for the depth of services and product functionality Hyland delivers to customers. Choosing an end-to-end solution, such as OnBase, allows insurers to win in this new insurance industry.

To learn more about OnBase’s insurance solutions and Customer Communication Management, reach out to us!

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