Between Amazon’s rapid delivery of virtually any product and Google and generative AI’s instant answer to any niche question, today’s consumer expects to get what they need the second they need it.

That’s a level of convenience and digital service that traditional methods of paper-based applications and forms just can’t reach.

We get it – that’s why we’re introducing the Content Portal, powered by Jadu. The Content Portal seamlessly connects to your OnBase solution, providing comprehensive digital self-service delivery. This way, your staff, vendors, and customers can conveniently enjoy a modern, seamless experience from any location on any device connected to the internet. But it doesn’t stop at convenience. Let’s dive into even more ways the Content Portal benefits your organization and all you serve.

The Top 8 Content Portal Benefits

1. It’s Accessible and Inclusive

Designed with inclusivity and accessibility top of mind, the Content Portal is compliant with WCAG 2.1, Section 508, and the EU Directive right out of the box. This benefit will help any organization better serve its customers, staff, and vendors, but it’s especially important for government institutions, as ADA compliance is a mandatory requirement. It even saves your end users time by letting them save their progress while completing forms, which can be a real relief when it comes to more complex forms.

2. Serve Your Customers 24/7/365 with Self-Service

We all lead busy lives, so being constrained by the traditional 8-5 business hours schedule for service can be inconvenient, if not headache-inducing. That’s why self-service options are becoming the norm, and it’s to your advantage to make it a part of your business model. The Content Portal levels up your customer service with 24/7/365 self-service delivery. Even better, it offers personalized content retrieval for each user. This gives customers the freedom to access the information and services they need whenever and wherever they need it. It’ll also help your staff be more productive since they can focus their time on other important work.

3. Low-Code Capabilities for a Smooth User Experience

The Content Portal is easy to use whether you’re proficient in advanced coding or have never coded before. It integrates with WorkView, a low-code configurable platform that lets you build business applications without complex coding. When you combine the Content Portal with WorkView, you can manage case-based processes and make smarter data-driven decisions, all from one easy-to-use system. Plus, the Content Portal features form templates, which simplify data integration with OnBase to make it even easier to create documents and generate cases.

4. Customize Your Customer Experience

Your website’s interface is undeniably tied to your organization’s reputation. If it’s hard to use and looks nothing like your brand, your customers might start wondering if they’re even in the right place. Fortunately, the Content Portal makes it easy to serve not only a smooth, easy-to-navigate experience but an aesthetically pleasing, on-brand one, too. It features custom design functionality, allowing you to tailor your portal’s design to reflect your organization’s unique branding. As a result, you can ensure a seamless user experience and reinforce your brand identity throughout the user journey.

5. Keep Your Data Up to Date with Integrations

The Content Portal doesn’t just integrate with your OnBase system or WorkView. It also integrates with your other legacy solutions and portals like RPA systems and even Amazon Lex. Finally, this means your systems will be able to talk to each other, ensuring that all your data is up-to-date and accurate. And in the case of Amazon Lex, you have the opportunity to enable AI chatbots in your customer service processes to give your users yet another opportunity to interact with your organization conveniently. When all your systems can work together, you can truly make the most of them.

6. Ensure Data Security

Your data’s security is of the utmost importance, and the Content Portal supports this. It offers government-strength security and reliability. That’s why some of the largest public service organizations worldwide trust it.

7. Scalability for Enhanced ROI

The Content Portal is also highly scalable. It can be applied across many departments to create value across the organization. As a result, there are many ways to maximize this solution. It can even extend your OnBase solution’s ROI, too. You can also use the Content Portal’s out-of-the-box functionality to surface data directly from your OnBase environment. This way, your staff can create nontechnical forms as needed and your developers can integrate back-office systems with the Content Portal Forms.

8. Faster Document Validation and Submission

The Content Portal’s e-forms allow for the rapid, secure validation and submission of all your workflows, documents, and data directly into your OnBase solution. This data can be drawn from any device you may have, too, making it easy to present online forms.

Set a New Standard for Service

Catering to today’s customer demands is no easy task. But the Content Portal makes it far easier with its accessible, inclusive, and secure self-service options. Plus, its low-code, customizable interface means that your team, coding-savvy or otherwise, can work with the platform quickly, leaving more time to attend to other work. And for your peace of mind, the Content Portal prioritizes data accuracy while maintaining strong security measures. And with all these Content Portal benefits, you can set a new standard for customer service, data integration, and organizational efficiency that’ll impress your customers and make your employees’ work lives easier.

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