We have all heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, “This porridge is too hot. This porridge is too cold. Now, this porridge is just right…”  While the moral of the story is that your actions can hurt others, I would argue there is another, hidden lesson to learn from Goldilocks. Naturally, I wouldn’t encourage breaking into a house, but we can all learn from her commitment to finding just the right fit.

At Naviant, we use an iterative project approach to ensure that every solution that we implement is just right. During each step of our process, we listen to your team to learn how you do business and what makes you unique. Our consultants work with you to design a solution that leverages best practices, yet is specific to you and your process.

Starting with a planning phase, or discovery meeting, our consultant will map out your future solution by documenting your requirements and desired functionality. As we develop the solution, we provide opportunities for user testing and feedback. This gives your team the opportunity to channel their inner Goldilocks and test out the application to make sure it is just right.

Open communication throughout the entire project allows us to act quickly and tweak the solution design to meet your needs. If something isn’t functioning the way you expected or you want to alter the functionality slightly, no problem. Using this approach, we can be flexible while still delivering on time and within budget.

This iterative approach paired with our process focus has helped our partners at WPS to increase productivity by 72% leading to significant cost savings.

“I think the biggest surprise came when the Naviant team came and started talking to us about the design. They’d ask what our pain points were – if we had any wish in the world, what would we change – and 90 to 100 percent of the time, they’d come back with a solution,”

Sheila Bechmann, Vice President, Operational IT, WPSGHA division.

Don’t settle for inefficient paper-based processes or a solution that isn’t designed specifically for you. With the help of Naviant, you can be as picky as Goldilocks and find the software solution that is “just right” for you.

About Ema

Ema is an Account Executive at Naviant focused on helping our clients learn about Enterprise Content Management and the value that it brings to an organization. She enjoys interacting with clients and building partnerships to help find solutions to their business process challenges. When she isn’t talking about Digital Content Strategy, she is chasing after her toddler, spending time outside or trying to perfect her yoga headstand.

Ema Roloff
Ema Roloff
Jan 18, 2017
Process Improvement
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