Call me a bad sport, but during this year’s Super Bowl most of my attention will be focused on the commercials. At Naviant, our allegiance lies with the Packers; we even held this year’s Summit at Lambeau Field. Without our beloved team in the running, my focus has shifted to next season. Draft day is less than a hundred days away, and if I had to guess, the Human Resource and Legal Teams for every football team feel like they are gearing up for their own Super Bowl.

Leading up to the draft, Recruiters are gathering massive amounts of statistics about each potential draft pick, collecting approvals from the appropriate coaches, and making back up plans in case their first choice is taken. Then the ball is passed to Human Resources and the Legal Teams once the draft picks are made. Contracting and onboarding begins with a flurry of paperwork and signatures. Countless revisions and modifications to contracts need to be tracked and managed, and we can’t forget the standard employment documents and onboarding procedures. Even football players need to fill out I-9’s.

Whether you work for a football franchise or not, having a solution to help manage all the information that you need to make smart recruiting decisions and ensure an employee is ready on day one is the key to winning the Recruiting “Super Bowl” Ring.

Simplify Contract Management Workflow

Using a Human Resource and Contract Management solution to capture, store, route, and manage all contract and application information will ensure you secure your first-round pick, every time. An OnBase Workflow solution allows you to break free from the paper-based, manual processes that slow down hiring decisions, while providing added visibility and, simultaneously, minimize risk and security concerns.

Recruiters can retrieve employee documents and data without leaving familiar interfaces because OnBase connects with an organization’s Human Resources information system (HRIS). By offering instant access to information through these integrations, OnBase minimizes training requirements and allows your team to take off running right away. With less time spent managing files, personnel can focus on high-value initiatives such as employee retention and professional development.

The scalability of OnBase is an added benefit. If a fully automated Human Resource and Contract Management solution seems like a Hail Mary (like Aaron Rodgers’) for your organization, start with the ability to electronically store and retrieve documents. From there, you can build on your solution as budget and goals permit. Once you start optimizing processes, extend your OnBase solution to automate other essential tasks like policy and procedure sign-offs, employee onboarding, and contract management.

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