With 9,400 hotels under 20 different brand names in 80 countries under their belt, Wyndham is one of the world’s largest hotel franchising companies. To add to its ongoing growth, Wyndham acquired the La Quinta brand in May 2018. While this acquisition was a big step for the company’s market share expansion, it was a huge lift. Wyndham had new challenges to face, including the pressure to onboard the employees of over 900 hotels. These new employees needed training on company-wide procedures, computer systems, and policies.

Wyndham’s management team was no stranger to the capabilities of Kryon RPA. In fact, they had been working with Kryon’s RPA solution for years previously. As a result, they knew that using this technology to tackle this problem was a natural step. Their first step was to decide which processes to automate. Here, Kryon Process Discovery came into play, helping them to find their best automation opportunities. Process Discovery helped Wyndham identify 79 possible automation opportunities and narrowed that list down to 26 top candidates. These recommendations helped guide Wyndham towards the most impactful RPA project possible for their unique situation and needs.

Scott Strickland, EVP and CIO at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, said, “Our goal ultimately was that we wanted to decrease the overall training time without impacting the level of customer service. We wanted to reduce help desk calls – because if they’re calling into our help desk, that’s not a very good customer experience while you’re standing there in line, waiting for them to find your reservation…”


Once Wyndham strategically chose which processes to automate under Process Discovery’s guide, the benefits quickly rolled in. First, Wyndham was able to successfully onboard all their new La Quinta employees ahead of schedule, smoothly and efficiently. Second, they accelerated this process so significantly that they were able to save over 674 work hours. They also eliminated the need to hire over 500 temporary workers.

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