OnBase Capture Process Designer Overview

The OnBase Capture Process Designer provides a streamlined method for improving your batch processing. Similar to configuring OnBase workflow, the Capture Process Designer is constructed on OnBase Studio where you will build the desired batch processing steps and the path to take advantage of advanced features.

Learn how to create the custom scan queues – including evaluators and status steps – to manage a document or document set within your batch processing. A document set is a subset of batch documents that are split out from their original batches during the various stages of the configured capture process and are routed to the same status step. After these documents have been routed to the end of the capture process, they are merged back into their original batches. Leveraging these advanced features and interaction capabilities with workflow will help improve your batch processing before it reaches the commit process.

We demonstrate the creation of a Capture Process and show a basic batch of documents run through showing the enhanced processing offered in the Capture Process. The Capture Process Designer is imperative for advanced functions such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing. These advanced processes take advantage of the Capture Process designer document set features giving you, the OnBase administrator, the greatest flexibility in managing the ingestion of document batches.

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