OnBase Integration for SAP ArchiveLink

Transform Business Processes with Instant Information Access

SAP holds your most critical data, but that data isn’t all that you need to make business decisions. Your staff relies on a host of other information that can’t be discounted. Because of this, your staff may have to devote time to searching through your other systems to complete their business processes.

OnBase has a certified integration for SAP ArchiveLink, which allows it to connect critical content with SAP transactions. As a result, you can rest assured that your staff has access to the latest and greatest of information to complete business processes. The OnBase Enterprise Integration Server also allows OnBase to ensure a near real-time data exchange between both systems. This allows your staff to work with the most up-to-date, accurate information and make the best decisions possible.

The Power of Centralization

OnBase effectively centralizes all of your organization’s information. This allows your staff to retrieve all the resources they need from the applications and devices of their choice, even if it isn’t in SAP. As a result, processes continue to move ahead as costs continue to go down. In addition, this will decrease or even fully eliminate your need for staff to consume an expensive SAP user license to do their jobs. This can be a significant money saver.

Through OnBase, you get content management for your SAP system. OnBase extends SAP functionality by providing advanced content management features. It links documents with business transactions for your convenience, thanks to the full view of all transaction-relevant information it offers. This is just another way that OnBase helps your employees make better decisions at an accelerated pace.

In addition to this SAP ArchiveLink integration overview, you may also visit the SAP OnBase Integration resource.

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