Integrate OnBase with SAP to Accelerate Business Processes

You can gain capabilities such as enterprise content management (ECM), case management, and workflow to your ERP when you integrate OnBase by Hyland with SAP. Across all the departments in your organization, including back-office departments, can readily access your organization’s business-critical documents and information that they need to attend to business processes. These documents are all accessible through your staff’s familiar SAP interface. This feature, in particular, makes for an excellent user experience. As a result, your employees can stop devoting significant amounts of time to document hunting, and processes across your organization can get a much-needed boost of acceleration.

Reduce Manual Labor for Greater Visibility

There are many benefits to integrating OnBase with SAP. Firstly, you can reduce your manual AP work with AP automation. This, in turn, helps to increase your visibility and overall control. OnBase streamlines invoice processing and introduces consistency and oversight into the entire approval process. Tracking liabilities are also in place to eliminate duplicate invoice processing, misappropriation of funds, and unauthorized payments.

Picture It: OnBase and AP in Your Organization

  • OnBase in AP can help your organization to lower processing costs by spending less time handling paper invoices
  • Automate your workflows for fast, efficient processing of PO and non-PO invoices
  • Increase your organization’s overall visibility and improve your process management

Automate Accounts Receivable for Improved Financial Health

When you implement OnBase, you’re able to automate manual portions of AR processes. You also can unlock instant access to related documents and important data. This is just another way you can save money while cutting down sales outstanding (DSO) and improving your visibility into receivables and cash flow.

In addition to this SAP integration overview, you may also visit the SAP ArchiveLink for OnBase resource.

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