Managing Public Records Requests

Today, people expect almost instant results. Combine this expectation with the volume of constituent and media-led Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. You must upgrade your public records request processes to be successful and keep your sanity.

Public records management software connects you to all the necessary information you need to fulfill a request. It does this by first storing all your documents and data (physical and electronic) in a single digital location. With your information in one place you can swiftly search for records and deliver results, even digitally. Your constituents simply place their request online (or via paper). The solution compiles the documents and posts them to an online portal for fast, efficient delivery.

From requests, tracking, approvals, redaction, and fulfillment, public records request management software alleviates frustration. Allowing you to deliver better results faster.

Public Records Software Results

Finding requested records can be a time-consuming process. The longer it takes you to complete, the more skeptical your constituents become. With public records software, you unlock time savers. For example, you can digitally search your files and provide online requests so constituents can self-service. When you increase your speed and attentiveness, it also improves the public’s trust and satisfaction.

With user-friendly reports, you can identify bottlenecks and track requests from start to finish. You can also benefit from workflows that automatically notify your staff of pending approvals and approaching deadlines. This feature can work wonders on your prioritization strategy!

Having accessible public records is a critical component of an open, transparent government. As demand for public records continues to rise throughout communities, it’s more important than ever for governments to gain control over their public records request management.

Going digital with public records request makes your job easier and makes your finances look good too. When you implement this software, your shipping, paper, and printing expenses shrink dramatically. Spend your budget on more important matters. Plus, timely fulfillments reduce fees and penalties associated with request compliance regulations.

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