Security is paramount for government agencies managing public records requests. Not only do these documents contain highly sensitive information, but the potential damage a security breach can cause is far-reaching. It can:

  • Cause legal compliance risks, as failing to secure sensitive information can lead to violations of legal standards and regulations designed to protect individual privacy and national security.
  • Undermine the overall public trust in governmental operations and institutions, including those who aren’t personally affected.
  • Cause devastating financial blows since the costs associated with responding to and recovering from data breaches can be substantial, including fines.
  • The risk of identity theft and privacy violations can shatter government agencies’ image, making the public hesitant to share information.
  • Pose threats to national security, which can easily be an outcome if confidential governmental records get leaked.

Given these urgent risk factors, it’s no surprise that government agencies using a popular public records request tool were concerned when security vulnerabilities were recently discovered in the tool. These vulnerabilities were found to have potentially exposed sensitive personal information like IDs, fingerprints, child welfare documentation, and medical reports to hackers.

Additionally, it was discovered that these flaws could have allowed hackers to download these records and trick the platform into allowing them to edit or change the records requests’ metadata without notifying admins. While a patch has been deployed and an additional fix is in the works, many government agencies using the tool see this event as too close a call and are now on the hunt for a safer alternative.

Fortunately, there’s a solution for those in search of robust security and efficient public records request management: OnBase. Let’s dive into how the OnBase Public Records Request Management solution stands out as a safe, reliable choice for your agency.

Public Records Request Management: 6 Ways to Ensure Security with OnBase

1. End-to-End Encrypted Submission and Delivery

OnBase revolutionizes public records request management by offering an end-to-end, purpose-built application that not only simplifies request submissions but ensures every step of the process is secure. From the moment a request is submitted to the delivery of documents, OnBase encrypts data to ensure that each interaction and transaction within the system is secure. This sets a gold standard for security, protecting sensitive information against unauthorized access and bolstering trust in your agency’s ability to safeguard constituent data.

2. Automated Workflow for Enhanced Security

The automated workflows within OnBase are designed for maximum efficiency and security. They meticulously route requests to the appropriate coordinator and assign tasks to staff. This systematic approach ensures that only authorized eyes have access to your sensitive data. As a result, it minimizes the risk of data exposure and enhances the security posture of your records management process altogether.

3. Advanced Redaction Tools to Safeguard Privacy

OnBase’s advanced redaction tools play a pivotal role in protecting confidential or sensitive information before it reaches the requestor. Using these redaction tools, OnBase can securely mask confidential information, ensuring that personal details like social security numbers, medical information, and other sensitive data are kept private. This goes a long way in preventing potential data breaches like the crisis we discussed at the beginning of this blog.

4. Comprehensive Search Tools Limit Data Exposure

While some records request management systems have been found to risk wider data exposure during searches, OnBase’s robust search and data centralization capabilities are specifically designed to mitigate this risk. By offering a centralized, electronic repository for all records, with comprehensive search tools, OnBase not only improves document retrieval efficiency but also minimizes sensitive data exposure during the search process. Additionally, the precision of keyword and full-text searches limits unnecessary data exposure, making the fulfillment of requests both fast and safe.

5. Transparent Process with Audit Trails for Accountability

While choosing a records request management solution known for strong security is an excellent step in preventing security breaches, it’s still important to be prepared in case hackers do attempt to attack you. After all, cybercriminals are getting savvier all the time, especially as AI becomes more sophisticated. To help you catch suspicious action before it can escalate, OnBase offers detailed audit trails that track every action taken on a document. This level of accountability and transparency ensures that any attempt at unauthorized access can be quickly identified and addressed. As a result, you can provide clear evidence of security and procedural compliance, which reassures your staff and constituents alike that every step involving sensitive data is closely monitored and secure.

6. Rapid Deployment and Ease of Use Ensure Immediate Security Improvements

The prospect of implementing an entirely new public records request solution might be daunting. But the good news is that OnBase is known for its relatively quick implementation process. It’s also been acclaimed for its readiness to use post-installation, allowing you to enjoy all its security and document search capabilities sooner without significant downtime or learning curves. And when you put that transition process in contrast with the potential of having to patch vulnerabilities after experiencing a breach, it’s even less intimidating.

Secure Your Agency and Your Public

In embracing OnBase for public records request management, agencies are not just adopting a tool. They’re also securing a future where data privacy, process efficiency, and constituent trust are front and center. OnBase’s innovative features ensure that your agency can meet the challenges of today’s digital landscape with confidence and security while protecting your agency and the constituents you serve.

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