Credentialing Software & Case Management Solution

Implementing credentialing software and a healthcare payer provider enrollment case management solution can accelerate your provider enrollment process and enhance its accuracy. With these tools, your staff can devote less time to menial administrative tasks. Instead, they can begin focusing on more time-valuable matters.

Did you know that most companies still rely on manual processing? The process of provider enrollment, credentialing, and onboarding is tough. It can mean crunch time if you run close to the 60-day Medicare-based limit. Payers often respond by adding labor hours to increase capacity. But these are short-term solutions with consequences. They usually mean poor visibility into a high quantity of paperwork. This burden slows down processes and consumes valuable space. Not to mention stressed employees and regular overtime hours. With modern automation tools offered by a provider enrollment solution, you can maximize your efficiency, improve employee morale, and get ahead of the competition.

Address Your Process Inefficiency & Visibility Problems

A provider enrollment solution directly addresses your process inefficiency and visibility problems. It captures and stores all documents that are related to the provider contract. These documents include the provider agreement, proof of current insurance for the provider, and medical licenses.

This technology features complete visibility. It enables your managers to assess employees’ workloads. If needed, you can redistribute work for enhanced productivity. It presents provider credentialing data in easy to view tabs. It also automatically files all information by year. Your solution also manages your documents’ expiration dates, practice locations, and other important information. These features significantly ease the auditing process.

Protect Yourself From Mistakes

When your organization uses manual processing to juggle large quantities of information, it can be easy to omit required information and lose entire documents. Fortunately, provider enrollment solutions protect against these mistakes. It automatically notifies you of missing documents. This notice can be an email, fax, or letter based on your preference. Then, all you have to do is enter the information in question. Problem solved! If you forget to take action, the solution’s timer feature will help. They alert your Credentialing department if the problem persists.

Credentialing Software Results

When your provider enrollment solution electronically manages your information, the auditing process becomes a breeze. This technology manages all your data. This can include practice locations, expiration dates, and more. When the time comes, retrieving necessary details for auditors is easy given your system’s expert organization and full visibility.

A provider enrollment solution can streamline your healthcare credentialing process. As a result, you will unlock plenty of time you never had before. Instead of spending time on tedious administrative tasks, you can devote your attention to other goals, like delivering better service to your patients. It’s not just about maximizing your organization’s efficiency. It’s also about making the patient-provider relationship and overall experience the best it can be.

Making the switch from manual processing to using a provider enrollment solution can not only unlock extra time but extra cash as well. When you implement this technology, you can significantly reduce if not eliminate scheduled and even voluntary overtime hours. Not only can this result positively impact your budget, but it may improve employee morale and productivity as the stress melts away.

Your provider enrollment solution is an expert in prioritization. It first determines which tasks are the most critical. Then, it feeds them to your workers automatically. This way, your workers are no longer responsible for making these tough, risky decisions. They can also work on one case at a time from start to finish, which maximizes efficiency. A provider enrollment solution ensures that each of your workers is focusing on the most critical work at any given moment.

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