Healthcare Document Management Helps Provide Superior Care to Patients

Throughout the healthcare organization, all sorts of information resides outside core health information technology (HIT) applications. Consequently, clinicians and staff do not always have the information that they need right at the moment they need it. Here enters an enterprise content management (ECM) solution.

Using an ECM system in healthcare helps you find the information you need, it controls that information, and furthermore, makes it work for you. With the use of an ECM system, information is readily available to clinicians and staff within the applications that they already know and use.  OnBase drives improvements in patient care and service while reducing operational costs.

Healthcare Document Management

Document Management solutions can help healthcare organizations by:

  • Extending the value of existing IT investments (present Patient information through EMRs)
  • Saving time and resources while reducing risk in HIM (information control and automation)
  • Supporting informed care with clinical device integration (data from disparate systems)
  • Realizing timelier reimbursements (work only exceptions)
  • Eliminating inefficiencies in accounting, finance, and human resources (automated workflow)

Naviant has long partnered with healthcare organizations and have years of healthcare document management experience in direct relation to healthcare implementations and usage, including Epic OnBase integrations.