Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) Document Management ECM Solutions

Any patient who has multiple doctors understands the challenges of fragmented and disconnected care. By visiting multiple organizations for treatment, patients face the burdens of lost or unavailable medical charts, duplicate procedures, and the constant repeating of the same information time and time again. Furthermore, patients aren’t the only ones who face challenges, physicians and staff also waste valuable time when they are forced to duplicate the efforts of their colleagues—time that could be better spent treating patients.

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) work to overcome these burdens by delivering seamless, high-quality care for Medicare beneficiaries. The group of physicians and healthcare organizations that have agreed to work together to coordinate care require instant, real-time access to the most up-to-date patient information, no matter what facility the patient visits.

Naviant’s partnership with  Hyland, creator of OnBase, ensures ACOs achieve their goals. With OnBase, ACOs work with an organization and solution that has experience creating a continuum of care across healthcare organizations of all sizes. OnBase creates a single, central location for all patient information and makes it instantly retrievable directly from the applications that physicians and staff use every day. Patient information is immediately available no matter what facility a patient visits to receive care.

OnBase provides the tools necessary to work with disparate EMRs, ERPs, PACs, RIS, as well as all unstructured data and paper documents. Furthermore, Naviant’s experience working with ACOs will ensure that you reach all your goals while reducing the risk associated with managing your patient population.