Member Enrollment & New Business Processing

Mobile Medicare Enrollment, Open Enrollment, or Traditional New Business Processing can be efficiently automated with OnBase workflows.

Reduce time to issue policies

Member Enrollment Processing in Health Insurance is typically a manual, paper-intensive process with a heavy volume fluctuation due to Open Enrollment. This often causes insurers to hire temporary sales and support staff. Timing is critical, in that, once the sale is made, the new business issuance needs to follow as soon as possible. Typical health insurers who use an OnBase solution to manage their open enrollment processes are able to reduce time to issue a new policy from what previously took seven days to less than 24 hours.

OnBase provides health insurance companies with the ability to automate the capture of applications from the point of receipt, regardless of file format or point of origin. Managing missing and required supporting documents is simplified with OnBase because it provides the ability to monitor required information and improve the quality and timing of the new business process. Automatic notifications can be generated and sent to sales agents when items are missing or do not pass the validation requirements.

Compliance, volume, and accuracy

Sales representatives electronically capture prospective enrollee information in the field and upload it for processing, minimizing time required to enroll new members and increasing the number of applications submitted.

Taking manual data entry out of the equation, OnBase reduces human error and improves the accuracy of enrollee information. Sales representatives have more time to provide a quality customer experience and are prompted immediately if any crucial information is missing from the electronic forms.

Once forms are uploaded, they’re routed directly to the correct users for review and approval, reducing the time it takes to move applications through the process. Best of all, there are no paper documents to misplace or search for between each step. Insurers set business rules to ensure incorrect or suspect information is identified during processing, mitigating common problems in open enrollment.

OnBase offers efficient, electronic enrollment that provides managers with greater transparency and improves the quality of applications.

Speed up enrollment with mobile processing

Traditionally producers secure new business by visiting with prospects at their location, asking them to complete and sign paper enrollment documents. Once the producer returned to the office, he/she would manually enter the prospect’s information into the provider’s system—opening the door to possible data entry errors that could delay processing even further. To expedite underwriting new business, the OnBase Solution allows the producer to capture a prospect’s information and signature while onsite, directly from a tablet PC, immediately entering the application into an underwriting workflow. The solution is easily configured to make sure all required fields are completed on electronic forms, even triggering additional information when certain fields require it. Once connected to a network, the captured information is exchanged with the insurer’s core applications or its business intelligence warehouse, saving the time and expense of transcribing paper-based forms, all while preventing errors.

The OnBase ECM Solution empowers mobile workers to make confident business decisions by offering them the opportunity to interact with critical information anywhere, anytime, independent of whether or not mobile workers are connected to a network. The instant access to any forms or documents downloaded to the OnBase client (briefcase), makes mobile workers more effective and efficient, completing tasks in the field, rather than waiting until they return to the office. Additionally, onsite information, such as birth certificates, proof of residence, voice recordings, the release of medical information, and/or signed documents, are easily captured and seamlessly uploaded to a document repository once connected to the network.