Life Insurance Enterprise Content & Document Management Solutions

Life Insurance Business Process Management (BPM) Focus

Naviant has deep experience with Life Insurance clients that manage high-volume new business, underwriting and claims processing. Naviant’s focus on process first is key to our client’s success. We engage our client’s in their process, and help them simplify their existing processes before they implement technology to solve their problems. Whether the focus is on new business and underwriting, or claims processing, or customer service, Naviant’s life insurance business process management experience helps our client’s succeed. Just ask Guarantee Trust Life, as their SVP of Administration speaks out on the power of “process first”.

GTL Insurance Uses OnBase Throughout Organization

“I think it is fair to say going with this OnBase Naviant solution has probably been the biggest step change in our company’s 80-year history. More importantly, it positions us to make those additional step changes in the future as we try to do what we need to do to meet the customer’s needs how they want them met.”

OnBase for Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Naviant’s clients prefer OnBase, a leading provider of world-class enterprise content management solutions. OnBase combines integrated document management, workflow management, business process management, case management, and records management into a single application. OnBase manages digital content including – scanned documents, faxes, print streams, application files, electronic forms, web content, multi-media files, emails, and industry standard files such as such as ACORD XML.

OnBase provides organizations with the ability to automate business processes, reduce the time and cost of performing important business functions, improve organizational efficiency, and address the need for regulatory compliance through the management, control, and sharing of digital content with employees, business partners, customers, and other constituencies. OnBase provides a competitive advantage through streamlined processes, reduced costs, increased internal controls, audit assistance, and improved customer service. Naviant’s Insurance solutions enable organizations of many different sizes and characteristics to improve productivity levels by addressing specific document needs within each business area.

Compliance & Records Management

Insurance agencies can use OnBase to efficiently manage all documents associated with a life insurance policy and claim. OnBase manages document retention to ensure proper adherence to corporate policy. The solution also provides an audit trail to demonstrate that the corporate retention policy is in place, and followed, eliminating fines and costly court judgments. The benefits not only stem from event-based retention, but from the ability to ensure documents have not been altered since the claim was closed. This is especially significant if the claim would be taken to court. Insurers can easily show that all documents existed at a specific point in time and had not been altered since that point. At the end of the retention period, documents must be properly disposed of, otherwise, the court could require those documents be made available within the suit. The system can be configured to ensure timely disposal of qualified records automatically or after required approval. The time and effort needed to manage records and the associated regulations is greatly diminished.