SAP Document Management Solution Overview

Naviant has developed a best-of-breed, world-class Accounts Payable (AP) automation solution for global organizations through certified-SAP integration that leverages the exclusive NavAP Framework for SAP, OnBase, and Brainware intelligent capture solutions. Utilizing enterprise content management (ECM) with integrated document-centric Workflow and advanced OCR capture, extraction, recognition, matching, and validation, Naviant provides rapidly deployable, enterprise-level, global, world-class SAP AP automation solutions.

The OnBase Solution Suite for use with SAP ArchiveLink™ uses SAP Certified Integrations to connect documents to the SAP transactions they support automatically. At any point in the business process, these out-of-the-box solutions can automatically link documents to existing SAP business objects. Or, they can auto-create business objects upon document capture into OnBase. This means that even in de-centralized operations, workers do not have to search in multiple locations for information needed to complete transactions. Everything is at their fingertips—right from SAP screens—shrinking cycle times without adding training costs.

Documents that you scan into OnBase can link with business objects that you create in SAP via the ArchiveLink Content Repository. And you can process and approve documents easily using either OnBase Workflow or SAP Workflow. Users can then easily retrieve the linked documents from their familiar SAP interface or any of the OnBase clients.

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