Business processes and solutions that empower better and faster decisions are what we do best. Our process-first approach brings focus to the importance of process improvement prior to implementing best-in-class solutions. As a nationally-recognized ECM solutions integrator and BPM consulting organization, our clients do more with less by streamlining processes and gaining visibility into the information they need to make better decisions. Process focus. Excellence.

Business Process Management

Naviant provides business process automation and workflow consulting focused on critical business process and document flow challenges related to enterprise content management (ECM) and document management. By concentrating first on streamlining processes and how people engage in those processes, and later, on the technology to help make the organization more efficient, Naviant focuses on designing the most efficient way to accomplish your goals while leveraging your existing investment in technology and infrastructure. Through meetings and discussions within focused areas of an organization and reviews of current documented processes, Naviant will identify solutions that automate business and address day-to-day needs with high ROI potential.

Enterprise Content Management

Take control of your content, processes, and data with our transactional enterprise content management (ECM) solution. An ECM solution helps you gain control and visibility into the processes and paper that are slowing you down. Content management by ECM includes paper and scanned documents, electronic forms, cases, emails, photos, videos, audio, data streams or even screen shots. Learn the basics of getting started with ECM in our Learn ECM section. Gain an understanding of the “6 Key Pillars of Successful Process Automation with ECM”: Capture, Manage, Access, Integrate, Measure, and Store. OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes, and cases, combining ECM, case management, business process management (BPM), records management, compliance, and capture functionality on a single platform.

Document Management Solutions

Document management gives you the ability to store all of your organization’s core document-centric information electronically in one centralized place. Your documents can live all over the place – file shares, filing cabinets, individual network drives, email, etc. By implementing a document management solution, business users can quickly find the documents they need, when they need them with just a few simple clicks; giving your business the tools it needs to succeed and saving you time and money.

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