Naviant’s Culture & Talent

Naviant’s culture is best described as dynamic, fluid, fun, and evolutionary, and the company remains rooted in its core values of integrity, openness, and teamwork.

Watch this brief video to gain some insight into Naviant’s mission and values, as well as our passion for helping clients succeed.

Since its founding in 1986, our organization has been driven by the desire to provide best-in-class customer service and innovative solutions. Striving to ensure that employees are treated as family, Naviant has attracted and retained top talent and born leaders who are genuinely passionate about inspiring good in others. You can learn more about Naviant’s Culture here. We have been able to remain at the top of the industry in guaranteeing success for our customers due to the dedication of our team, and what once began as an entrepreneurial dream is now a thriving organization with more than 60 employees and hundreds of happy clients.

Meet some of the executives who have helped to make this happen.

Mike Suter, Founder & President

As President of Naviant, Mike Suter brings more than 30 years of sales, leadership, and business expertise to the enterprise content management industry. Mike’s strong business acumen, dedication to the customer, and passion for success has transformed Naviant into a financially sound organization built upon a strong reputation for customer satisfaction. His belief in innovative processes and technology has helped Naviant grow and serve hundreds of customers worldwide. Mike’s humble attitude and passion for empowering people to grow and succeed, both professionally and personally, has attracted and retained top talent among Naviant staff, and developed a top-notch core executive team. As a successful family-business owner, Mike believes in running a business where everyone has an opportunity to do well for themselves and their families, and work-life balance is valued. Mike is a well-respected business professional who is involved in the community and supports many local charitable organizations.

Michael Carr, CFO

As Chief Financial Officer at Naviant, Michael Carr brings more than 30 years of financial literacy and business acumen to the enterprise content management industry. As a top-line revenue thought leader, Michael provides a fresh perspective to help businesses grow and achieve measurable results while maintaining a healthy strong bottom line. Michael’s vision for success has brought tremendous focus to the Naviant team and culture, as he strongly believes in Mission & Values statements that are meaningful, measurable, and directly align with corporate goals. His high degree of personal integrity and sincerity has led to his success as a leader. As an adjunct professor at Concordia University for Business & Finance, Michael has a passion for sharing his knowledge and perspective on the importance of sound business practices. Michael resides on the Board for Financial Executives International (Madison Chapter), is an active member within the WICPA, and has held various leadership roles at the Asbury United Methodist Church. Michael earned his MBA from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and his BBA in Accounting from Iowa State University. Go Cyclones!

Liz Skolaski, Vice President

As Vice President at Naviant, Liz Skolaski brings more than 30 years of direct sales, consulting and management experience in the technology and enterprise content management industry. As an accomplished sales professional, Liz specialized in enterprise business development for Norstan Communications, AT&T, Lucent and Avaya, consistently performing at the top of her class and achieving multiple President Clubs. Liz later transitioned into management at Inacom Information Systems, where as Vice President of Sales she helped grow the company by 20 million dollars in two years. She then transitioned to Vice President of Operations and managed all partner programs with Cisco, Microsoft, H.P., IBM, and EMC. With her passion to mentor others, Liz has transformed the organizations she has worked for. Through her strong business acumen, candor, and ability to read people she has encouraged the belief that we will always achieve more as a team, and as a breast cancer survivor, Liz has a unique perspective on life and brings laughter and kindness wherever she goes.