Process Mining and data driven insights are getting a lot of attention in the digital transformation space today. Companies like SAP and UiPath are acquiring and developing functionality to match industry leaders like ABBYY Software 

won’t be the first to tell you that Process Mining unlocks powerful insights into improving your processes. It’s a great tool to help you make the right improvements to the right part of your process. 

But data doesn’t always tell the whole story and can’t do it all.  

To get the most out of Process Mining, pair it with Process Discovery.  

Craig Willis, CEO of Skore, sat down with us to discuss the value of a Process Discovery. Craig and the team at Skore help organizations better document requirements at the speed of conversation during Process Discovery engagements.

The Importance of Process Discovery in Digital Transformation

Here are some highlights from our conversation.

Process Mining + Process Discovery =

People drive business. And their perspectives matter. Process Mining does a wonderful job of uncovering unbiased information to help drive process improvementYet, we still need the perceptions, feelings, and direct experience of the subject matter experts to add additional context to the data.  

Process Mining cannot answer: 

  • Why does a process happen? 
  • What happens outside of a system? 
  • Why has the team developed a workaround?
  • What is the desired outcome? 

People and discussion add the color commentary needed to create the right future state process.

Change Management

In the 50+ Digital Transformation Talks I’ve hosted with industry experts in the last year, one theme is ever-present – change management.  

A Process Discovery is a critical component of gaining stakeholder alignment, ensuring that your team feels heard within the process, and gives you an excellent opportunity to combat concerns headon. In addition, Process Discovery is perfect time for the Executive Sponsor to speak to the importance of the project, the desired outcome, and share the desire for the team to think big.  

The objective of digital transformation is to improve your customer AND employee experience. Pluswhat better way to ensure the success of your effort than including your employees and customers?

The Blueprint for the Future State

People, process, then technology. That order is intentional! If you include the perceptions of your people, complete an end-to-end process review, then create the blueprint for your future solution design, you will have all the ingredients to improve efficiency, visibility, and business outcomes.

Our Process Approach

To learn more about Naviant’s approach to Process Discovery, check out our What to Expect page.

Learn More

Data alone cannot tell the whole story of your business. If you want to have a successful digital transformation, combining Process Mining and Process Discovery is the key to the right future state.

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