Case Management for Customer Service

When I was 15 years old, my illustrious babysitting career slowly started to dissipate as I turned down jobs to hang out with friends. In turn, I started asking my parents for money, and as you can imagine, that didn’t go over well. I was promptly introduced to a friend of my dad’s that managed a local restaurant and was hired for my first job.

The years that followed allowed me to hone my customer service skills and learn many invaluable lessons. The most important lesson I learned over the years is that even if a mistake is made you have the opportunity to turn the experience around and make someone’s day. Customer Service is king, regardless of the industry that you work in. A business’s reputation is heavily dependent on how promptly and effectively they address customer questions and concerns.

Many companies find themselves handling customer questions, concerns, and complaints by forwarding emails and voicemails around the office, tracking information in spreadsheets or custom applications, and sorting through systems across the organization to find the information needed to help resolve the issue. By leveraging a Case Management Solution, such as OnBase, organizations are able to offer their customers more personalized service, faster incident resolution, and more accurate investigations and reporting.

A Case Management Solution, implemented by Naviant, can be configured to fit your organization’s specific needs quickly while avoiding the need for custom coding or the use of multiple point solutions. The 360-degree view of documents, data, notes, email correspondence, task lists, and reminders allows for your team to rapidly resolve issues, track customer information, manage relationships, and ultimately retain your customers. From the moment that a customer-first reaches out to your organization you are able to track each point of correspondence, look up associate records and data, and leverage tasks and timers to manage follow-ups in one, easy to use interface.

By managing complaints in OnBase, businesses can take advantage of better reporting. Users can see the average time to completion by case type and other metrics. Managers can also view the same report as a graphical dashboard—gleaning information about case assignments by user/workloads, cases by type, and much more.

The customer is at the center of any successful company and this is true regardless of the industry that you find yourself in. Whether we are talking about insurance clients, credit union members, patients, college students, restaurant guests, or retail shoppers, consumers have thousands of options to choose from. Top-notch customer service can be what sets your organization apart. A Case Management solution can help give you the edge you need to focus on what is most important, the customer.

About Ema

Ema is a Director of Sales – Enterprise Solutions at Naviant. Ema is passionate about helping organizations navigate Digital Transformation. She has vast experience in helping organizations address their top IT Priorities and developing departmental solutions for process automation to expand the solution throughout the enterprise. She is also the host of Naviant’s Digital Transformation Talks series on YouTube and the Co-Host of the Third Thursday. In these series, experts from the Intelligent Automation and Digital Transformation space come together to share their ideas. When not at work, she is busy chasing after her two daughters, spending time outside, and hosting friends and family for gatherings.