When we think of Santa Claus, we often think of the glamorous side of his job. But running Red Suit, LLC. is hard work!

With thousands of elves and a dozen reindeer on the payroll, Santa has his hands full. Lately, the leadership team at Red Suit has been looking for ways to provide the same excellent service to their 525 million customers, while improving their processes and reducing overhead.

After detailed research, Mrs. Claus the astute CFO chose to partner with Naviant to implement OnBase to manage their accounts payable processes. After hearing the raving reviews from the elves in accounting, Santa decided to extend the use of OnBase enterprise-wide. Beyond improving productivity by approximately 300% per elf, Red Suit was able to revolutionize their hiring process and electronically manage their famous “Naughty or Nice” list.

Implementing OnBase is the best decision I have made since I asked Rudolph to guide my sleigh.
– Santa Claus, CEO, and founder of Red Suit, LLC

In years past, the printers in the North Pole had to work overtime to keep up with the stacks of incoming letters. But those days are over now! The elves are now able to electronically capture the messages as they come in. With updated processes and the right technology to enable them, Santa has access to each letter sent to him within a few hours of its arrival.

Once letters have been ingested into the system, Brainware uses information like the child’s address to index the letters and link them to a specific child’s case. Each case contains a collection of data that has been gathered by field elves throughout the year. Living on shelves, they spend their time collecting pictures, notes from school, reports from babysitters and any other information that may help Santa make his ultimate “Naughty or Nice” determination.

At any time, Santa can get out his tablet and pull up a specific child’s case. All the information he needs to make an informed decision about their behavior is in one place. Once he has made his determination, he is prompted with an e-form that allows him to dictate what presents the elves should, or should not, begin building for the child. Previously, it took Santa and the elves months to process a letter and make the “Naughty or Nice” decision. But now, two weeks after the essential documents and data are collected in OnBase, a conclusion can be made!

There are no longer behavior reports missing or letters falling through the cracks. The team can complete the front end of their business in record time, and additional resources have been freed up to take on higher-value tasks.

“With a growing population, and toys continuing to get more complex each year, having extra elves in the workshop has allowed us to have the sleigh loaded up and ready to go without the last-minute crunch,” said Santa Claus, CEO, and founder of Red Suit, LLC.

Photo credit: Designed by Freepik

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