If you’re looking for a way to simplify and improve your HR processes and outcomes, you need an HR content hub.

A content hub is a centralized repository for all your HR information, allowing you to access, manage, and share your HR data, documents, and processes from a single source of truth.

The impact can be massive, too, with streamlined workflows, cost reductions, better compliance, and enhanced employee engagement and retention. And those wins can propel you toward overcoming some of the most common challenges in HR, like:

  • Paper-based processes
  • Inefficient storage
  • Limited access
  • Security risks

But how do you create an HR content hub?

And how do you make the most of it?

These are fantastic questions, and to help organizations like yours answer them, I teamed up with Tess Venhoff, Product Evangelist at Hyland. Together, we created a presentation that breaks down everything you need to know about content hubs in just 16 minutes – see below if you’re curious.

However, I believe this topic is so important for HR professionals that I also wanted to take the time to create a written guide to creating a content hub. Here are 3 ways you can create and maximize your HR content hub so you and your employees can enjoy the benefits today:

3 Ways to Create and Maximize Your HR Content Hub

1. Use OnBase App Builder to Create Customized Web Apps

One of the tools that can help you create a content hub is OnBase App Builder. This OnBase feature allows you to build customized web apps tailored to your users’ needs and preferences. You can use OnBase Studio, a point-and-click interface, to configure your app using existing data, documents, and processes from OnBase. You can then deliver your app as a role-based web app that can be accessed from any browser.

For example, you can create a dashboard-style app that gives your HR employees a quick overview of critical information and shortcuts to their most common actions. You can also customize the app with your own logo, terminology, navigation, and layout. This way, you can create a user-friendly and personalized app to help your HR employees perform their tasks faster and more easily.

2. Provide Mobile Access and Capture with OnBase Mobile

Another way to maximize your content hub is to provide mobile access and capture with OnBase Mobile. This OnBase feature lets users conveniently access OnBase documents and processes from their mobile devices. This can increase their productivity, responsiveness, and collaboration, especially for remote or hybrid workers. You can also use OnBase Mobile to capture new documents, make approvals, or submit forms on the go.

For example, you can use OnBase Mobile to upload a missing document, route it for approval, and update its status from your phone. This way, you can reduce delays, errors, and manual work and ensure that your HR processes are completed on time and with accuracy.

3. Integrate Your Content Hub with Your HRIS or HCM Systems

One of the best parts of OnBase in the HR space is its ability to extend your HRIS or HCM systems. As vital as these solutions are, they can’t necessarily do it all, making OnBase a powerful partner. When it comes to content hubs, you can integrate your content hub with your HRIS or HCM systems, such as SAP SuccessFactors or Workday.

Hyland offers integrations with these industry-leading systems that allow you to view, capture, and open OnBase content from within your familiar screens. This can help you reduce your time spent switching between applications, improve data accuracy, and enhance user experience.

For example, you can view all the content related to an employee record, capture a new document, or open a document in a document viewer from within SuccessFactors or Workday. This way, you can have a complete and consistent view of your employee data and documents and perform your HR actions without leaving your HRIS or HCM system.

Start Tackling Your HR Challenges Now

Creating and maximizing your content hub can help you transform your HR processes and outcomes. By using tools like OnBase App Builder, OnBase Mobile, and Hyland integrations, you can create a content hub that is tailored, accessible, and integrated. This can help you save time, money, and resources and improve employee satisfaction and retention.

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