In the Face of Challenge

COVID-19 has transformed many traditional workers into virtual workers nearly overnight. While some organizations were better equipped to make this shift than others, it’s safe to say that everyone is feeling its effects. It’s only natural that many organizations impacted by COVID-19 are looking for ways to smoothly navigate this massive economic and social disruption. Adding Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to your workforce can help to bridge the gap during this time of uncertainty. This powerful technology can help to ease the burden on your employees to make for a smoother transition.

In response to COVID-19, many organizations, including Naviant, have implemented emergency plans that include work-from-home models. In response to this change, millions of workers have had to adapt quickly, and many have experienced a decrease in productivity as a result. Whether they’re challenged by a change in resources, distractions in their new working environments, or simply need time to adjust to the “new normal,” RPA can help.

Taking the Plunge: Why Now?

Remote-Friendly Development and Deployment

Naviant is a proud partner of Kryon Systems, the creator of the unique full-cycle automation solution that combines RPA technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and a true business user experience. While certain stages of Kryon’s RPA preparation and implementation traditionally take place in-person, they can be equally productive when conducted remotely. This means it’s the perfect time to investigate RPA as an option for your organization.

User-Friendly Platform and Process

We know that you’re busier than ever right now. The idea of starting a new project like RPA implementation might seem intimidating. Fortunately, Kryon RPA software was designed to make RPA development and deployment easier and more efficient than ever before. The platform was built with business users who may not have developer or IT backgrounds in mind to make it extremely user-friendly.

Not sure where to start? That’s ok! Kryon RPA will guide you through the whole process from start to finish. From the Process Discovery and analysis stages to the automation and optimization stages, Kryon takes the lead. It also offers easy-to-use tools so you can give your input along the way. This makes for a straightforward development and deployment process that truly cuts to the chase.

Check out our Kryon RPA Software page for a more detailed walk-through of what the development and deployment process is like and how this powerful solution works.

Empower Newly Remote Employees

RPA can provide you with extra support to keep your business running smoothly as your employees settle into the “new normal.” You can use attended bots to help your remote workers navigate the challenge of doing their jobs from home. You can also set up these bots to help guide workers through processes step-by-step until they learn them, which is a tool Wyndham Hotels & Resorts reported as very useful for their onboarding processes. And when bots take over the more monotonous processes, your employees can spend their time and talent doing more interesting, value-added tasks. Your solution can make your employees’ jobs more enjoyable and easier both in and out of crisis mode. As a result, you get happier employees and more gets done all around.

Care for Your Customers

Your dedication to maintaining “business as usual” isn’t just for your own organization’s well-being. It’s also for your customers’ well-being. Your customers are probably feeling the impact of COVID-19 in similar ways as you are, and your support has the potential to go a long way. Fortunately, with the support of RPA, you can unlock extra bandwidth to attend to important matters like your customers. We live in an age where customer service and the customer experience are everything, and this is more relevant than ever right now. In these times of uncertainty, your customers will greatly appreciate your seamless, gracious customer service.

Be Ready for Anything

Your RPA solution will continue to serve your organization through unpredictable situations long after the storm clouds of COVID-19 have passed. When the next unpredictable situation arises, like a natural disaster or even large employee absences, there will be no need to panic. Your RPA bots can decrease the number of service disruptions by keeping select key processes running while maintaining a low cost of ownership. Business as usual.

It is our greatest hope that COVID-19 ends quickly with as little impact as possible and that nothing like it occurs anytime soon. But in case it does, adding an RPA solution to your team will ensure that you’re as prepared as you can be. In a global health crisis, employee wellbeing should always be the highest priority. With RPA, your employees can rest assured that the show will go on at work while they focus on their health. After all, your employees are at the heart of your organization, so their health is invaluable.

With your staff supported and your processes streamlined, RPA can ultimately help your business to emerge from challenging situations at the top of its game.

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