It is great being the CFO at a company that implements and supports OnBase. Why is that? Because my team has access to some very powerful tools within OnBase that make us incredibly more efficient at our jobs. In fact, Naviant makes extensive use of OnBase in our day-to-day operations as well as extending that use to provide support for our customers.

We practice what we preach when it comes to process improvement and leveraging the tools and talents of our existing investments. We would like to share some of the creative ways our SOS (Sales and Operations Support) team members use OnBase to drive operational efficiency and excellence in our own operations.

Some of the topics we will share with you in the coming months include:

  • How our Expense Reimbursement process with OnBase provides an easy way for our employees to submit expenses and ensures we have proper internal controls along with an efficient process.
  • Our creative use of a hospitality form to make sure our customers receive phenomenal hospitality when visiting our office. We also use OnBase to make sure our facility is always physically secure by using a sign-in tablet at the front desk for all guests.
  • How we use OnBase to customize and enhance a unique Employee Review process that is consistent with Naviant’s value of “open and free” communication.
  • Our use of various quick and easy workflows to provide efficient invoice processing, incentive payments, invoice credit approvals, etc.

These are just a few of the ways Naviant uses OnBase within our back office. The SOS team looks forward to sharing these and other practical applications with you in the coming months. We also welcome your questions and comments and hope you’ll share some of your own experiences!