Accounts Payable Automation Software

OnBase AP Automation: Accounts Payable Invoice Processing

Watch this brief demo to see how OnBase accounts payable automation solves your key AP challenges. With OnBase, your AP department can process invoices faster and reduce costs across your AP department. No matter how you receive invoices – fax, mail, email, EDI, etc. – OnBase captures, organizes and delivers those documents, along with supporting content, to the right individuals for review, coding and approval.

Why Automate Your Accounts Payable Workflow with a Document Management System?

The costs of processing just one paper invoice averages somewhere around $8 – $10. Between the copying, paper shuffling between departments for approvals, and low visibility into processes, it’s no wonder the AP process is that expensive. Did you know the most efficient accounts payable departments process invoices electronically through accounting document management automation software for less than $2 per invoice?

Our extensive experience within finance departments has demonstrated immediate results, including productivity increases of approximately 300% per person, processing cost improvements per invoice of more than 60%, and accounts payable automation paybacks within less than a year!

ABC Supply Automates AP & Grows 23% Without Adding Headcount

ABC Supply had a major AP challenge to solve. The AP staff had been entering invoice data twice into two different ERP systems; an unnecessary and risky duplication process. After implementing Brainware, accounts payable software, to intelligently capture data on invoices and workflow processes to automate steps, they were able to be more efficient and effective with invoice processing.

Benefits of Automated Invoice Processing in AP

OnBase accounting document management paired with the workflow automation effectively manages documents that drive accounts payable processes and helps maximize the benefits achieved by fast, efficient, and precise invoice processing and invoice automation. Regardless of how documents are received (fax, mail, e-mail, EDI, etc.), OnBase captures, organizes, and delivers them — along with supporting content — to the appropriate individuals for review, coding, and approval.

Exact Sciences Uses OnBase in Accounts Payable

Gary Frings, CIO of Exact Sciences, selected OnBase because it can be used across the entire organization to solve business process and document challenges. Exact Sciences is using it within Accounts Payable, as well as their order entry process. Future plans include using OnBase for distributing and storing test results, and within Revenue Cycle Management for appeals and invoicing.

Users access invoices and supporting content from the applications and devices that are most convenient for them to make informed decisions. For example, employees can retrieve invoices, goods receipts, check images, vendor contracts used for invoicing, and even historical correspondence directly from their familiar ERP applications, including those of: SAP, PeopleSoft, and Lawson.

Managers then review and approve invoices and input additional data directly from Microsoft Outlook® or a mobile device – whether it’s an iPad, iPhone, or Windows or Android device. Real-time dashboards also provide managers with increased visibility into the status of invoice processing, enabling them to identify bottlenecks and adjust workload distribution on the fly. Customizable business rules ensure that invoices are presented to and approved by the right people quickly and easily. Organizations can make real-time changes to those approval processes as their business conditions change.

Brainware Intelligent Capture technology by Hyland enables OnBase to extract data contained in invoices to automate business processes, including routing to appropriate business units, electronic approvals, and automatic posting to accounting applications. Eliminating the need for business users to re-key information, saves organizations hours of manual data entry and increases AP process efficiency. In turn, accounting systems can send updates back to OnBase, driving business processes forward and keeping these critical systems in sync.

Colony Brands Uses OnBase to Streamline Invoice Approvals

Colony Brands uses OnBase within their AP department to manage a large number of invoices and purchase orders that come through their doors. Implementing OnBase helped them streamline invoice approvals, reduce the error rate of duplicate payments, paperwork coming through and lost paperwork.

SAP Certified Integration for Global Accounts Payable Process Automation

Naviant has developed a best-of-breed, world-class accounts payable automation software solution for global organizations through certified-SAP integration that leverages the exclusive NavAP Framework for SAP, OnBase, and Brainware intelligent capture solutions. Utilizing enterprise content management with integrated accounts payable document-centric Workflow and advanced OCR capture, extraction, recognition, matching, and validation, Naviant provides rapidly deployable, enterprise level, global world-class SAP AP automation solutions. To learn more about this global accounts payable automation solution with SAP Certified Integration, please view SAP AP automation solutions.

Benefits of AP Automation

OnBase accounting document management can benefit your accounts payable department by giving you the ability to:

  • Retrieve invoices, goods receipts, check images, vendor contracts, and historical correspondence directly from familiar ERP applications
  • Review and approve invoices and input additional data directly from Microsoft Outlook or mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets
  • Automate business processes, including routing to appropriate business units, three-way matching, and automatic posting to accounting applications