What is Workflow Automation?

Workflow management automates business processes, allowing work to be shared efficiently between workers. It matches work tasks with the workers that can best do them (maybe based on current workload, or maybe based on a different factor decided by the organization). Workflow automation takes a document and automatically routes that document to the next worker in a series of steps based on a set of pre-defined rules. This may come in handy for document or payment approvals, contract negotiations, application reviews, etc.

Just as importantly, the documents and information within workflow processes are more safe and secure. No more folders on desks, misplaced or misrouted files, or mysteriously lost data. Only the right people at the right time have access

How do I know if I need workflow?

Do any of these problems eat at your efficiency? If so, you need a workflow solution:

  • Employees are spending too much time doing low-value tasks (searching for documents, waiting for or manually transferring paper files, losing critical documents, duplicating work)
  • Some employees are swamped with work, while others are idle
  • Busy decision makers are causing bottlenecks in the process because they must be involved for approvals but are regularly unavailable
  • Employees are cherry-picking work (most interesting, most valuable to them, and so forth) to the detriment of corporate goals

Which problems can be solved with workflow?

Not all business process pain points can be solved with workflow; however, all business processes that can be broken down into a sequence of well-defined steps can be much improved.