Transform Business Documents into Actual Business Value with ABBYY FlexiCapture

With ABBYY FlexiCapture, you can improve your process effectiveness and overall efficiency thanks to the technology’s content intelligence. Whether it’s from an incoming image, email, or document stream, you can capture content and gain valuable insights faster and with greater confidence thanks to this solution’s Intelligent processing and automation. Your document workflow processes’ performance, transparency, and workload predictability will improve, too. You can use the latest technologies to automate, scale, and manage capture processes, scale across your enterprise, whether they are on-premise, in the cloud, or both, you can manage them in one convenient location.

Modern business is highly reliant on making fast, smart decisions, which requires the best information possible. The ability to locate, transform, and make actionable content in business documents, from multiple paper and electronic channels, is more important than ever to competitive advantage, operational efficiency, and compliance.

ABBYY FlexiCapture is an intelligent platform that captures meaningful insights, relationships, and data from documents, forms, and correspondence in order to improve business outcomes. ABBYY FlexiCapture transforms your documents into actual business value through its ability to capture and validate information at its point of arrival, regardless of its format. It intelligently digitizing documents and automating document processes, and in doing so, it can help your organization to mitigate risk and lower expenses, all while accelerating revenue and increasing your competitive advantage every day.

Your revenue gets a boost from ABBYY FlexiCapture’s ability to automatically process, classify, and deliver your data, regardless of what channel it comes in or its format. This feature also can help to lower your costs. ABBYY FlexiCapture can also help you easily meet deadlines on time and make faster, smarter business decisions along the way, as it speeds up your data processing cycle so significantly.

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